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April 5, 2023

(31 Dec 1981) W010277
RR8030A – Afghanistan Report
Afghanistan – 1980 and file
Against the background to the boycott-affected Olympic Games in Moscow, the main cause of the boycott – the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan – shows little sign of ending. The contingent of Soviet troops withdrawn by Moscow appears to have been replaced by others, and the main cities and roads are under the control of Russian and Afghan government forces. Outlying towns and villages sympathetic to the anti-Communist Moslem guerrillas – the Mujaheddin – have been bombed, forcing the fighters deep into the mountains. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans have crossed into Pakistan to avoid the fighting, and Mujaheddin groups wanting to return and fight find it increasingly difficult to do so because of the massive Soviet presence.
Traders and refugees at Afghanistan-Pakistan border
Wounded Afghans in Khyber hospital
Small party crosses mountains into Afghanistan
1980 News Review
Afghanistan – 1980
Soviet troops and tanks invade Afghanistan
Rebels in mountains with guns
Babrak Karmal
Soviet tanks and gunships in mountains
Injured Afghans
Afghan refugees flee across Pakistan
Afghan refugees in tents
1981 News Review
Afghanistan – 1981
Afghanistan – Guerillas with guns
Mortar firing
Mortars being loaded
Guerillas – machine gunners and riflemen

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    Sincere Sentinel of Sentience and Sapiens April 5, 2023 at 6:58 pm

    This looks like it could be from any day in Afghanistan in the past thirty years.

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