Aeromexico 787-9 Clase Premier (Business Class) Review 2022

October 23, 2022

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Welcome onboard this Aeromexico 787-9
Class: Clase Premier
Origin: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Destination: Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX)
Flight Time: 3 Hours
Wheels up time: 11:31 AM
Landing time: 4:31 PM
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Registration: XA-MFG
Date: November 24, 2019
Recorded with: iPhone 11 Pro

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Welcome to iTripReport’s flight reviews, which I focus on reviewing both the soft product and hard product of airlines around the globe. I strive to give you guys a first person perspective of different aspects of the flight. Including the ground service, onboard service, and those views that come with the flight. As you can see, I record quite a lot of the experience to make sure I record what you want to watch. As always, thank you so much for watching.

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  1. Is the food/coffee included in the Sky Club?

  2. How much did it cost?

  3. Thanks for uploading such a nice video!

  4. Thanks for the video mate!!!!
    That seems like an awesome flight, great catering for a 3 hour route, as well as pretty new plane, good seats and good service.
    I am Mexican, so I have experienced most of my country airlines.
    Interjet was a low to medium cost airline that offered 34inch legroom on all planes, as well as snacks and in my opinion, a really good service. Sadly they went bankrupt during the pandemic. Aeroméxico is currently the only full service airline, with business class. I once took a plane from Mexico City to Mérida, a city nearby Cancún. The flight was excellent, the best service and beautiful new plane. On another occasion, we got upgraded to regional business class, awesome experience, OJ served in glass ad well as Warm Macadamia Nuts. Other than that, the experience I have gotten flying with them is pretty meh. In a matter of weeks I will be flying with them again, really excited about it, I will experience their 737-8 (I don't remember whether it was the NG or MAX version) and the E190, I flew once in that one, cramped AF, but I think they renovated the interior!

    There are other two mayor airlines, Volaris, a Ultra Low cost airlines with a stunning A320 (NEO, 19, 21) fleet, and Vivaaerobus, airline which has the third youngest fleet in North America. They both offer affordable prices, and cramped seats the same as other low cost carries (at least bases on what I know from flight reviews) You can update for better seats on both, if you want a super cheap ticket Vivaerobus tends to be the option, If you want a Super cheap ticket but for a few more cents the option to document luggage Volaris is the one.

  5. Es un honor decir, que trabajo para está maravillosa empresa.❤️

  6. Reply
    Mauricio Regil Boss October 23, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    I had the chance to fly in this 787-9 from Mexico City to Paris [premier class] and back in the 787-8.. let me tell you it's a big difference even in Business.. Hope AM goes from 787-8 to 787-9 , it' whole 787 fleet.

  7. Hay que poner acentos. Una cosa es "a" de preposición y otra "ha" de haber. Es "He" no " E".

  8. Reply
    Giovanni Carreon Cota October 23, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    Aeromexico has the best crew but amenities are so poor, along with a missing personality on the decoration. no special kit, bar is very basic,etc

  9. Hello! Want to travel with my wife, our 3 y.o. and our 5 month-old… the little one would travel on her lap, but the 3 y.o. should have his own seat, I guess… can you keep a good eye and hand over them in such cases? Business would be the better option given the long flight, but I don't know how "far" he'd be from me… thanks in advance 🙂

  10. @0:30 – Eō Hawaiʻi!!

  11. I love you video! Im booking a premier flight right now

  12. What should I expect for my flight from MEX-LAX on a Dreamliner 787-8, it’s says premier snack as onboard service? No lunch or anything?

  13. If you guys like this video and wanna see what's changed since covid hit perhaps you guys may wanna check out my channel did a review of this flight and route during covid, some offerings have been paired down since this original video, thanks ya'll (Also love iTripReport ❤️)

  14. I love the 787. And the 350 also, and the 777 and 330. All plane I love it. But my favorite is the 747

  15. Caunto es el costo x el viaje en clase ejecutiva siempre me lo e, preguntado

  16. filmed in wide shot, many "you tube flight reporters" should be inspired. Good video, pleasant to watch

  17. Can someone tell me where I can book or get a ticket with a boeing 787 ticket what website please

  18. Serious question can you keep the pillow and blanket? lol

  19. Reply
    cristian mora estrada October 23, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    send you instagram

  20. Could you include the price of your ticket? Thank you

  21. Is the food in the lounge free?

  22. I enjoyed your video very much! I could experience it like if I were there, Excellent!

  23. This flight alone takes a lot of cargo of freight that’s why it took the whole runway. I know the inbound from MEX brings pallets and pallets of avacados. I’ve taken this same flight a few times and the best part is the WTC turn with a nice view of Mexico City

  24. A couple years ago I flew first class seat 4A. JFK to Mexico City. Great service great flight!

  25. Reply
    DAVID GUSTAVO MURRIETA PERALTA October 23, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    a caray 2:50 minutos de LAX a cd de mexico? es mas veloz el 787 que el 737 ya que de Hermosillo sonora a cd de mexico es lo que se hace en un 737 800,,,,,, 2:50 minutos,,,,,

  26. me hiciste llorar , gran video eres la mejor

  27. Reply
    Blue Guy Commenter YT October 23, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    4:16 Is that Rick Astley at the left?

  28. Este es el mejor avion del mundoo 😎👌

  29. Muy buen video gracias 🙏🏻

  30. Español como debe ser

  31. The food in Aeromexico business class looks horrible!!! Why always chicken or pasta? Please, respect our dollars!!!

  32. I have to say SAD EXPERIENCE with Aeromexico Clase Premier: It was probably the poorest experience of business class I ever had (well, not true: only the poorest of those with full beds, as other models especially of airlines from the US mid range are far worse). This review compares with European Airlines, and not with US American, as even Aeromexico is better than US business class.

    1. "Flat bed" in Business Class Dreamliner is not flat. It's good (=very good) if you sleep on your back, but if you sleepy mouth down you will have a hard time, as it's with a shape for the back which makes mouth down basically impossible.

    2. Lights: the excessive use of WHITE lights in entire Mexico shows that few have understood the effect on sleep of the lights colors. A warmer, yellowish light let's you sleep better. In Aeromexico there are many lights on the floor of business class all night long, obviously full white and very bright. The guy chosing then did not think ahead. And the crew doesn't make any effort to close curtains.

    3. Food: only Pasta in Class Premier. Not even good. The economy class food in KLM and Airfrance is better than food in business class Aeromexico. In Business Airfrance I received vegetables, a tartar, three pralines, a salad, a steak (!!) and they made me wine tasting. Aeromexico Breakfast: A sandwich in plastic. Eco class KLM and Airfrance offers warm egg plus fruits. Fresh orange juice on Airfrance and KLM in Business, sugared nectar at Premier Aeromexico.

    4. Rebooking: our government changed the immigration rules due to Covid. For Aeromexico this means "of course you can change, it's only the price difference of 44.000 Pesos (2000 USD) to pay". Thanks Aeromexico. In KLM they say: "well, to next year difficult, as much more expensive, but due to Covid we change the dates for free".

    That was my yesterday experience class premier in Aeromexico, seat 2A on an 787-9 Dreamliner with 1-2-1 configuration.

    What they didn't understand is that frequently travelling persons won't repeat this, as there is service and equipment 3 times better at other airlines at the same price…

  33. Looks awesome. I am planning to take a family trip in December from Seoul to Buenos Aires via Mexico City on Aeromexico business class.

  34. Quick question: can you take with you the headphones?

  35. If I may suggest something, the placement of the text and the font in your video are very distracting. The text takes up half of the screen and sometimes the sentences are not complete (eg- lounge access, although you maybe going for the suspense value).

  36. Reply
    Pavel Navarro Fuentes October 23, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    Acabo de volar la semana pasada en su 737 800 con la ruta Mex LAx en clase PREMIER y fue una PÉSIMA experiencia, desde la documentación del equipaje fue unifila al igual que el abordaje,no hubo acceso a la sala Primier el servicio no fue bueno solo el ordinario paquete de galletas comerciales en su versión mini acompañados de una botella de agua de la misma presentación el plato fuerte fue un pequeño paquete de papas fritas, esta es al tercera vez que viajo en clase PREMIER en los últimos tres años a diferentes destinos y todo ha ido en deterioro incluso el interior del avión tenía mucho descuido incluido la tapicería y las mamparas completamente decepcionante la única diferencia que hizo fue el espacio entre asientos no sé cómo han llegado al punto en el que. No puedes diferenciar entre la turista y la premier !!

  37. Hold up… "I ordered the chicken"… 5 seconds later eating pasta? Explain

  38. To anyone who reads this comment, if you can, watch this video at the highest quality they look SOOOO GORGEOUS

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