Adopt Me! JOBS UPDATE! | Update Review (Is it any good?) reviews

September 28, 2022

The long awaited ‘Jobs Update’ is here in Adopt Me Roblox! Work as a Pizza Chef, or get yourself cozy at the Salon! Work hard to please Sean, an alien that holds a black hole for the Universal Government

Is this update worth the wait? Find out in the first ever episode of ‘Adopt Me! Update Reviews!’


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What is MrRen Roblox?
MrRen Roblox is a small Roblox youtube channel. It mainly focuses on Adopt Me Content. Showing many things like Challenges, Tips & Tricks, Leaks, Updates, Reviews, etc. It was made by teenager, Renzoh, from The Philippines.

What is Adopt Me?
Adopt Me! is a Roblox game from 2017. It is a pet-collecting, role-playing, and story-telling game. Many children love to play Adopt Me and it is currently one of the biggest, if not THE biggest game on Roblox as of current time. It blew up in 2019 after the release of pets in the game. Despite its crazy popularity tho, the game is looked down upon from some people in the Roblox Community due to constant updates that break the game.

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  1. Personally I wish there was a way too consistently grind without being limmited I understand it however the people who wanna grind should be rewarded instead of it being a waiting game great video btw u earned a sub 🙂

  2. I was there in the event I really think it was weird that the black hole was there for just the jobs

  3. Really nice! Glad to see youre back

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