Acid lab Brickade 6×6 review – GTA Online guides 2022

December 15, 2022

In this video i take a look at the Acid lab Brickade 6×6 a truck released as part of the Los santos Drug wars content update in Grand theft auto Online that not only acts as a business opportunity but also as a means to dominate the battlefield with its thick armour, terrifyingly fast speed for its size and its other tricks that it has up its sleeve!

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  1. No u get it for free no bug on their end the thing is its 750k which isn't bad

  2. This thing is a armored behemoth and a half, way more than what I originally thought it would be.
    Expected maybe Insurgent durability at best, but no, it outshines the fucking Terrorbyte

    Should mention, peeked at its files, and it will not double toughness with a driver present.
    It has the "capped_explosion_damage" flag, which universalizes RPG/heavy explosive and homing rocket damage, and disables the damage resistance boost from a present driver.
    So this thing is a 45 rpg/bomb/missile beast, with or without a driver.

    Keep up the spectacular videos, and take care all.

  3. perfect truck for trolling, ump mines, crazy ramming and almost undestroyable with rockets

  4. I called my brickade "breaking bad"

  5. I'd argue that it costs more than 1 mil since you have to invest at least 2 hours to get it and time is money. You could do cayo perico at least once in that time frame

  6. To be fair, the original Brickade wasn't necessarily designed to be upgradable n armored n stuff, it was mainly a delivery vehicle used in CEO sell missions, where it shines and comes in clutch. The buy it thing was just so you could own it n do whatever you want with it without having to do sell missions to use it.

  7. i wasted 500k buying brickade just to be foolded that it wasn"t the 6×6 version

  8. did it come out for ps4 too?

  9. It's a drip feed vehicle

  10. Sooo another briefing tool🙄

  11. Reply
    Wolfgang Bloodymeatsack December 15, 2022 at 2:18 am

    Still doesn't stand a chance against a God mode player with infinite money

  12. The plough is reason enough to buy it, love that feature.

  13. i like this update

  14. I could've sworn the brickade was always 6 wheels

  15. Reply
    Diogenes The Apathetic December 15, 2022 at 2:18 am

    crackhouse lmao

  16. Time to play gta online the breaking bad dlc

  17. Reply
    CLICK ME TO GET FREE GTA5 MONEY - CHECK MY CHANNEL December 15, 2022 at 2:18 am


    Love that we get a random trick or treat effect, wish it wasn't just a timed event thing 👍🔥💪👍

  18. Reply
    CLICK ME TO GET FREE GTA5 MONEY - CHECK MY CHANNEL December 15, 2022 at 2:18 am

    9:20:17 Can we only take a minute to congratulate how many time and work he put in these video?

    It's fabulous, and I consider they justify a lot more than that 😃

  19. Nice, I was surprised that there was no cost for the base unit, its what the standard brickade should have been, I imagine that R* are hoping some plebs will buy the original Brickade by accident.

  20. I'm just imaging the cook inside trying to carefully mix the chemicals while on the outside the player is driving down the freeway at 80mph, flipping the whole truck over, and get hit by oppressor missiles.

  21. do u have the to the brickade it self and then upgrade if ?

  22. Wow if it can tank 45 rockets then I wonder if it’s able to take tank a few shots from the flak cannon too

  23. "Pyre! WE NEED TO COOK!"

  24. Or free if you have GTA+.

  25. I'm glad they finally did something with the Brickade. The description for the original sounded cool but, it was a complete let down; total waste of money. This one actually seems worth getting. If I still played I'd definitely call mine The Crystal Ship.

  26. I’ve actually been wanting a personal brickade for a long time now, it’s a super fun truck, plus I’ve always thought of it as a better truck for the terrorbyte. Idk it already looks sleek and high tech-ish with the side mounted lights and rooftop solar panels. Now though, we got something even better. A personal, custom one that’s also a whole ass business.

  27. Forty five rockets?
    Good God, that's absurd.

  28. You get 250k for the last mission, about 20-30k each on the rest so you will get 300k when you are unlocking it, so that takes the price down even more.

  29. Without the heavy armor plating, the armor is weaker. Having the armor plating equipped gives more armor

  30. Reply
    California northern railroad December 15, 2022 at 2:18 am

    It's a bug it's not on their

  31. Reply
    Deez Nuts • 23 years ago December 15, 2022 at 2:18 am

    Oh great a new griefer tool

    I can already see this next to indestructible vehicle being driven by every tryhard to not get killed and kill everyone else

  32. Before buying the truck, I genuinely thought the price tag was 7500000 and thought I couldn’t afford it. Then I pressed a and realized that rockstar surprisingly did not spike the price to hell and back. Truly a good deal indeed!

  33. The Brickcade is officially redeemed 👍

  34. What's the best mines to use with it?

  35. If you had the old brickade do you need to buy the new one?

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