Abundance Asian BBQ Beef Review 2022

September 20, 2022

It’s frozen dinner review time, and today I’m trying the Abundance Asian BBQ Beef, it’s from McCain so hopefully it will be pretty good. Well let’s find out when I give it a Review!

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  1. Reply
    The Great Outdoors & Gourmet Vic September 20, 2022 at 12:08 pm

    IT'S the kimchi! Kimchi is
    FULL of gotchukaru pepper flakes!

  2. Reply
    The Great Outdoors & Gourmet Vic September 20, 2022 at 12:08 pm

    Yeesh! NO thanks!

  3. Kim Chi ingredient list:
    One large Napa Cabbage.
    Fish sauce, shrimp paste or miso (vegan version)
    Korean Chili Flakes called Gochugaru (or sub Gochujang)

  4. Its that greggos new pad, must be making a packet on youtube

  5. Way better than I thought it would be.The Kimchi I've had was always pretty spicy.I like well cooked ,well flavored veggies.They shouldn't be a penance like my family always did.lol.

  6. Hey Grego what's the name of ya other channel

  7. They never put enough meat in frozen meals. Looks good tho will give it a go one day 😋

  8. It doesn’t look very good compared to the picture on the box

  9. "Australian sourced meat". It means they killed Aussies for their meat. Just be glad it wasn't you or anyone you care for.

  10. Reply
    mental asylum escapee September 20, 2022 at 12:08 pm

    mccain get your pizzas right before you try and do asian meals -.-

  11. how much did it cost?????

  12. 10% of the product is 'beef', 8% of the 'beef' is beef

  13. Kimchi is laced with chilli you womble

  14. 6 not bad I'll have to see if they sell them at Morrison's

  15. 3:08 I had a frozen pea once. Winter time in Canberra….Brrrrr! Snapped an icicle off my "that what she said" between pub crawls post midnight.

  16. Water, beef 10% beef 8% 😂

  17. It does look nice but the sauce looks like sump oil in colour. That annoys me if you get rubbish offcuts tell em you are not happy

  18. Greggo you said there is 35% Veggies in it even though the box states that there is 33% 😂😂😂 and oh don't forget the box is 400grams not 420grams mate 🤣🤣🤣

  19. So it's beef 8%, but beef 10% if you include everything that was added to it. May as well list the ingredients as beef 100 % (including rice, vegetables and sauce).

  20. On a day that Maccas releases Spicy Chicken Nuggets and a range of spicy chicken burgers?

    I’m sure you’ll get into them soon!

  21. That tucker fucker looks like its had a life!

  22. Let’s see you try the KFC dipping feast next vid!

  23. Looks quiet spicy I'm not a fan of spicey food. 👍

  24. This cracked me up!!🤣

  25. Love your review you are wonderful thanku so much love an God bless always from Cyprus x

  26. I've just tried the new KFC mash and gravy recipe nearly threw up. I don't know what they have done to it? but you were right GregO! this looks alright though.

  27. Greggo your reading the wrong nutrition stats on the back you have to read the left ones "Average quantity per serving" and not the per 100g one.

  28. They did a great job making it look appetising, probably do with a bit more meat and sauce to mix through the rice though.
    Otherwise could be a decent lazy lunch to buy on special.

  29. Good onya Grego. Hey mate, how about showing the young knowalls how to make and cook some good old Aussie beef rissoles old fella. Another thumbs up mate.

  30. @7:40 'Best before July 2022' is probably why it tastes a bit off 😀

  31. Asian BBQ Beef? Crickey! Which of the 47 countries of Asia would that be, I wonder…?

  32. Good source of fiber only applies if you leave it in the box

  33. G'day

  34. I suggested you review this about a year ago and you said you couldn't find them. Anyway over here in nz the local supermarket seems to no longer stock them. Got a few stored away in the freezer, ok for a late night snack

  35. God Bless Greg's Kitchen 🙏🇦🇺♥️
    God Bless President Trump 🙏🇺🇲

  36. Mccain meals underwhelming ,for taste ,size,looks and PIECE !
    Look how shallow the dish is ..
    Lol thanks 🤣🤣🤣👍🇦🇺 ill make it my self .with recipe hacks .grego
    Ohhhh you should do a grego vs a frozen meal challenge compare yeah💖👍👍👍😉 nice one grego.

  37. 8% beef… hard pass

  38. 8%fake meat looks really colourful and tasty.🤔

  39. I love the ‘kimchi style seasoning’ there GregO and not sure I’ve ever had unspicy Kim…there didn’t appear to be much abundance involved in this one besides ‘film’… might be one to keep on board for when the bride is out for a quick and easy breakfast option and collected when on half price special… cheers Gibbo

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