$92 Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Business Class – Izmir to Istanbul Flight Review reviews

March 9, 2023

Hello and welcome to Izmir, the third largest city in Türkiye. After experiencing the country’s YHT high speed trains and the long-distance overnight trains, today I’m going to fly back to Istanbul in business class with Turkish Airlines.
Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier of Turkey, a member of the Star Alliance and one of the world’s largest airlines. Although most of the wide-body aircraft are used on its long-haul routes, the airline also uses them on some of its high-density domestic routes. My flight to Istanbul this morning will be flown by a Boeing 777 aircraft. In addition, I know they have one of the best inflight food in the world, therefore I’m looking forward to this flight. Let’s go!

This video was filmed on 7 November 2022
Turkish Airlines TK2313
From İzmir (ADB) to Istanbul (IST)
Scheduled flight time: 1h15m
Distance: 356 km (222 mi)
TC-JJR, Boeing 777-3F2(ER), 8 years old
Seat: 6K, then 5K
Class: Business

00:00 İzmir
01:36 İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport
02:18 Check-in and Departures
04:00 Turkish Airlines Lounge
06:28 Boarding directly from the lounge
07:24 B777 Business class
09:15 Welcome drink and menu
10:22 Take-off
12:28 Business class meal
14:00 Summary
14:57 New Istanbul Airport (IST)
16:40 Post-credit

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  1. You do a good job 👏

  2. Reply
    Tree-Kangaroo or Jack Hannan March 9, 2023 at 8:48 pm

    Everyone when he dropped ‘Less than $100’ 😮😮😮😮

  3. Can you Fly us Bangla Airline Dhaka to Dubai Regent Airways Dhaka to Singapore Air Astra Cox Bazar to Dhaka Novoair Dhaka To Cox Bazar

  4. What a fantastic video, I really enjoyed this travel review on board the 777-300ER very informative and entertaining video! keep up the awsome content Rory!!

  5. great video!

  6. Wonderful review 😊

  7. We flew Istanbul to Manila September 2022 and the same 777 ER , but on long haul I would not use Turkish Airlines again which I am sad to say. The price, the food all excellent but cramped sleeping position was like just being in economy. I had to sleep in a slightly up right position as fully flat my legs were cramping We flew from uk to Istanbul on the A350 was no difference but did not have to sleep. My wife being smaller than me did not have these issues. The old style cabin that you were in, looked much more comfortable as to my experience

  8. I am booked on a tour that finishes in Istanbul next year and was amazed when my travel agent told me that there is a direct flight from Istanbul to Panama City as an option of getting back to Australia

  9. Reply
    Tranquil Baker, Gentle Traveller March 9, 2023 at 8:48 pm

    A very informative video, Rory! I've never thought of travelling to Turkey but I like the idea of being at the crossroads of Asia and Europe.

  10. G’day mate. Long time subscriber, first time commenter. Loved your video of the train from Toowoomba to Brisbane. I have never seen the trip from that perspective. Keep up the great work. You are an awesome guide.

  11. I love watching all your videos, thank you for showing me so much of the world!

  12. Thanks Rory, brekky fab. We have donated to Turkey, encourage others to do so .

  13. Hi Rory, your acknowledgment of the recent tragedy in Turkey I’m sure is appreciated by your viewers. Have really enjoyed these insights into Turkish life and would love to visit this country one day…

  14. Hi Rory, your acknowledgment of the recent tragedy in Turkey I’m sure is appreciated by your viewers. Have really enjoyed these insights into Turkish life and would love to visit this country one day…

  15. That is an amazimg meal service considering the short flight time. I think this particular flight continues on to Chicago from IST?

  16. Reply
    💰 Make $750 Per Day March 9, 2023 at 8:48 pm

    "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." –Eleanor Roosevelt

  17. Nice video, as usual. Hard to believe you get a full meal on such a short flight and it looked delicious except for the very runny eggs. UGH.

  18. Hi Rory nice to see you again on the video. Thank you for the great video I couldn't believe they would give you a big meal like that for a short trip. It looks absolutely delicious. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

  19. I'm celebrating a $16k stock portfolio today. I started this journey with $4000 have invested on time and also with the right tearn now I have time for my family and the life ahead of me

  20. Ein schönes Video, Rory! Ich mag deine liebevolle Art zu Filmen und schätze deine kultivierte Sprache sehr. Liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland

  21. Rory's done it again! Great video mate, keep it up!

  22. I can't wait for the video where you review the Orient Express while solving the murder of a fellow passenger.

  23. Reply
    Nicholas's Train Channel March 9, 2023 at 8:48 pm

    Great flight review Rory. I agree with you about the portion size of the breakfast it's quite big compared to other airlines.

  24. Great Video…Australia could learn a lot $150 Aus business class that's amazing and such a great service puts the others to shame why would you fly cattle class when all that's on offer…looked like an interesting place to see …thoughts with Turkey and Syria

  25. Hello Rory. I like watching your videos as you always have a cheerful disposition about your travels. I joined your channel too.

  26. Missing the meat pie, no sauce option. Maybe in 1st class 😉

  27. Another awesome video. You've made me look into discovering Turkey now. It looks like a great value destination. The flight there from Brisbane will be anything but value though. 🤣

  28. Thanks Rory. Excellent. ❤

  29. Reply
    Durian Goes VegeMate March 9, 2023 at 8:48 pm

    Wow. I wish i can experience that!

  30. Love your content

  31. Hi Rory 👋, I really enjoyed this comprehensive and informative review, especially as I am never likely to travel to Turkey at this stage in my life. I am not a good flyer and avoid it as much as possible but I do enjoy your reviews. I am looking forward to your next presentation.

  32. Reply
    Heather Truskinger March 9, 2023 at 8:48 pm

    Great trip report. And a great hard and soft product.
    I do agree there should be a vegetarian/ vegan option for those who don't eat meat.
    That middle seat would be a bit of a pain, but on a 1 hour flight, it's doable 👍

  33. Another great video Rory. That breakfast looked really tasty. As usual a well researched and informative video . And the intro was a nice touch, acknowledging those Turks who have lost so much as a consequence of the earthquakes.

  34. Great video Rory!
    Are you attending the air show this week in Melbourne? I’m in Perth and can’t make it but would loved to see footage of it and wondered if you were covering it?

  35. Love your Vids Rory keep them coming ❤

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