7 Entry Level Jobs for Chemical Engineers – LinkedIn Job Review in the USA 2022

February 5, 2023

A quick review of some “entry level” jobs for recent grads or young professional in Chemical Engineering. Searching for a job in LinkedIn and reviewing the requirements, job description, job position, job roles and much more.

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00:00 Start
00:42 Job Search in LinkedIn
03:08 Job 1 Chemical Engineer I – Honeywell
08:41 Job 2 Process Engineer II – Honeywell
10:44 Job 3 Chemical Engineer – AECOM
12:21 Job 4 Chemical Engineer – Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
13:46 Job 5 Chemical Engineer I – Brooks Running
15:46 Job 6 Cell Engineer – Tesla
17:52 Job 7 Process Engineer – Unilever
20:20 Closure

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  1. Hey brotha do you feel like process engineers have the most health risks ?

  2. HELP please, I'm studying ur Reactor Engineering classes, class 65 and I wanted to do some exercises on ur web as is shown in minute 8:21 but I can't find reactor engineering course on ur web 🙁 It would be helpful to see them to practice before my classes get to me. Thank u sm in advance!

  3. I just found u and I'm so glad I did!! U are saving me college life

  4. Thanks for this great video you are a perfect guide for us chemical engineering students. Can you make a video about the place of chemical engineering in the future's technology and science thanks for everything.

  5. Great review. Really helpful. Thank you!

  6. Should I continue with chemical engineering (entering my 2nd year with a concentration in energy and environment), or should I switch to data science? Or, should I stick with chemical engineering and teach myself how to code, to possibly get a data engineering job. As much as I love chemical engineering, I’d much prefer having a job after graduating.

  7. Entry level advice for third world country citizens to get a chemical engineer job abroad specifically in the middle east or any place that have a higher chance of a job and don't say find job in yr own country cause my country industrial sector is falling apart.

  8. can you do a future video on industrial safety and hazard management in general in asia (Middle east and India)

  9. is there a posibility to get hired in usa in a entry level position if from Mexico?

  10. thank you very much sir! and i’m in my final year of chem eng already so this is super important

  11. A great review of the jobs available in the US for chemical process engineering graduates, and a great way to show how to search for them too! Good job Emmanuel 👍

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