5 Business Review Questions 2022

January 23, 2023

Business Review Questions. Yes, it’s another life skills video! So, what is this video all about? Well, there comes a time (preferably every year) when the owners and/or managers of any business need to conduct a review, a business health check, if you like, at a fundamental, cellular level and ask itself the critical issue: is it working?
This video provides a basic checklist of key issues covering those critical business topics of:
1: Purpose
2: Objectives
3: Business Plan
4: Strategy
5: Actions
In specific terms:
1 : Purpose
Can you describe what your business does?
Can you point to a measurable purpose?
Can you identify a mission statement?
2: Objectives
Do you know the business’ aims and goals?
What are the milestones you see on the way?
How do you measure when you have achieved your objectives?
3: Business Plan
Is there a business plan?
What other key plans are there?
Do you have a business, marketing and finance plan?
4: Strategy
Do you know how you will achieve your business aims and goals?
Can you explain why you are more likely to succeed than fail?
Can you identify the route to success?
5: Actions
How often do you review your key plans?
Are the actions in those key plans SMART?
This review builds your life, business and management skills and are vital to any leader, entrepreneur, business owner, manager, investor, financier; or anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills; or to manage a successful, team, department, project or business.
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