May 25, 2023

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Leeds News for the 22nd May
– 49ers and Leeds in Fresh Talks
– Radrizzani Sampdoria Bid “Misses Mark”
– Leeds Watching Ryan Manning
– West Ham Leeds Review
-McKennie Returning to Juventus

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  1. Reply
    Leeds United - The View May 25, 2023 at 5:30 am

    At time of recording the Radrizzani story claimed they were uncertain if he would return. Radz is currently in Genoa trying to complete a deal as of now.

  2. Short and sweet Ger – Totally with you on the last comment about the needs to be a massive overhaul this Summer, in terms of the DoF, Coaching & Playing staff, and obviously the board. I am hover concerned that this will not be done to the level which is needed partly due to the time between now and the start of the Championship season (the first weekend in August).

    Firpo, Koch, Llorente, Costa, and Rodrigo are must-go for me, I think Meslier, Sinisterra, and Gnonto will definitely go. Also, I'd be surprised if Forshaw gets a new contract. Might also lose Drameh and Summerville but I hope not. And see the likes of McCalmont, McKinstry, Shackleton, Jenkins, Poveda, and Roberts all leaving.

    I think the club will want to keep hold of our two USNT lads, as both Arronson and Adams are new(ish) to the club and would benefit from a season in Championship but the latter might be hard to keep.

    I see the squad looking like this (less additions)

    Klaesson, Robles (if he signs a new contract)

    Ayling, Cooper, Stujik, Kristensen, Wober, Hjelde, Cresswell, Dallas, Drameh. (My gut says the Bill, Dallas, and Coops will run their contracts down)

    Aaronson, Roca, Summerville, Harrison, Adams, Gyabi, Bate, Greenwood

    Bamford, Perkins, Rutter, Gelhardt, Joseph

    And if I'm right we need a new GK, LB, RCB, RW/LW, CAM/CF – busy summer for the new Director of Football with a minium of 10 out and minimum of 6 in.

  3. West Ham game typified Leeds Season, plenty of control wasted on squandered chances and no depth in a squad that has been poorly brought together and poorly managed. We had a great start to a season but I think that there is an element of burnout, too many changes and a lack of intelligent investment.

  4. A miracle is what is required. We are going down and need to start looking to offload some of the peripheral players, deciding which of the youngsters will get a decent go at first team football. Let’s keep Sam and let’s build from the back. Who would you want to see stay and go?

  5. The club needs clarity, it’s been a total mess, great show gerr

  6. Hey Ger Matt Beckles here. I'm a huge fan of your content and perspective in regards to our beloved Leeds United Football Club. Just wondering if you will still be putting out daily Leeds news as well as other content when we're in the Championship next year?

  7. Only thing I will say it’s ok for bill and the players to label all fans that don’t go to the stadium with the same brush but we can’t criticise shame I spent more on merchandise then a season pass but hey I don’t go to games because I’m in Australia nah bill and co can take some blame too

  8. ‘’We got all the big decisions wrong’’ sadly I agree Ger.

  9. Thanks Ger. So, Sam comes along and says the team's not good enough, something that the club knows already. So why waste the 500K? They should at least have given it to a good cause. The fans will be there long after the board and players are gone. I'm sure you could model good football club management practices to avoid all this season's amateur bungling.

  10. It’s a mess, we’ve been in this kind of mess before and we eventually bounced back! Still got a game to play, maybe a stroke of luck will come our way!! Great content as always, keep it going.

  11. How can the level of fitness we had at the start of the season fall away so much. Players must have loved the easy life since Marsch arrived. Needs a wholesale clear out, hopefully without a fire sale that worsens our financial predicament. What a God awful mess

  12. What is happening when a prem player says that he is not fit enough.

  13. total agree mate

  14. Hi Ger, Excellent as always! totally agree with your comments, Marsch changed us from the fittest team in the division to the most unfit. Sam has done what he can, but time to move on. I watched Ayling's interview, and whilst I know he has taken some stick this year, and deservedly at times, you could see he was genuinely upset and gutted. He may not be our best player but he is and always has been committed to the club, pity some of the lot that Marsch and Orta brought in didn't and don't have the same feelings for the club. It has been one depressing season!!!

  15. But if he is not ready, and you’re not going to put him in to replace an injured centre forward, why is he on the bench? What’s the point?
    Even ignoring the fact we needed a goal. Where is the harm?
    Something doesn’t make sense

  16. Spot on as usual Ger, For me it is imperative we sort the ownership situation out ASAP and the most important signing will be recruiting a forward thinking Director of Football, Someone that has a vision and understands of LUFC, Get rid of the chaff and look to add some much needed quality to the base squad of potentially 1,Robles 2,Hjelde 3,Wober 4,Cresswell 5,Dramah 6,Forshaw 7,Gyabi 8,Greenwood 9,Rodrigo 10,Summerville 11,Gnonto. Subs Klaesson Struijk Monteiro Dallas Bate Gray Rutter Perkins Gelhart Joseph. I’m with you on wanting a New bright Manager coming in Who would you like and would Corberan fit the bill under new owners? My preference Potter or Rogers but a hard sell in the championship!

  17. Reply
    Thunder Bolt Lorimer May 25, 2023 at 5:30 am

    It is always about players. We needed 3 or 4 proven Premier League players in the spine of the team right from the very first year back in the Premier League. If we get back up lets not make that same mistake. MOT

  18. Thanks Ger great comments. LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS

  19. I can’t see Everton losing or even us winning the last game , we will probably end the season on 31, points I thought 34 points and we would have been safe. We are just not good enough this season

  20. As always Ger your points are right no mincing your words sadly we need a whole complete new setup in the championship, going on this season play we don’t deserve to be in the premiership next season

  21. Hello Ger thanks 🙏 for the measured comments respect because you know your football and i always like what you have to say. The 49ers will of studied what's gone on with the Chairman especially this year. Bill was upset because he was in from the start with Mr Bielsa 🇦🇷 and he does where his Heart 🤍💛💙on his sleeve. Mr Bielsa 🇦🇷 papered over the cracks.When Jesse said it was Mr BIELSA'S 🇦🇷 fault from then i didn't like that he should of shown respect. If and when we do Go down It's in the song with some of the lines we will stay with you forever at least until the World 🌍 stops going round 🦚🇮🇨 Hopefully we can manage to finish the season with a Win Ger keep fighting all Leeds aren't we 🦚🇮🇨👊🤝

  22. We sat back after that brilliant goal , with that type of play it was only time before they scored. Then the second came from West Ham, then the game was gone the LEEDS player lost confidence in themselves and we started playing terrible and rubbish, some of those players don’t deserve to wear the LEEDS shirt

  23. Afternoon Ger. LEEDS FOREVER MOT

  24. Hi pal, just wondering although he isn’t in favour at leeds . If….. I mean WHEN leeds go down, would James stay and play a big part in the championship ? Because he hasn’t really shown it in the prem tbf

  25. Brilliant review of how things have panned out this season Ger ,2 year rebuild as a minimum and require a top coach not someone on the cheap,keep up the great reviews next season.

  26. McKennie is overated. Radz has had is head on buying another club since we got back in the PL the reason why we are in this mess. I hope we go down so we can have a big clear out new owners new players

  27. Reply
    Our off grid Quinta May 25, 2023 at 5:30 am

    Thanks for the news and review Ger, really good stuff. If the the takeover happens then please let it it be very soon. We have a good clear out. Then we prepare for the championship. I feel like the vast majority of leeds fans world wide. Gutted and let down. Hopefully the 49ers get a grip and recruit like they mean it. I'd like to also add that i feel for some of our players. It's not their fault, they can only do what their ability will let them do. Onwards and sideways 😱 boa semana ✊️

  28. So presumably IF Leeds go ahead with signing Ryan Manning….it will be yet another Club record deal!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. If we go down, I think our squad will be something like this to start with anyway until we can buy or sign or loan players

    Robles klaesson ayling Dallas cooper struijk cresswell hjelde forshaw Shackleton bate gyabi gray Summerville mcgurk greenwood gelhardt Rutter Joseph Perkins

    I honestly don't think the rest of the current first team squad would stay, and I've included a couple of the young lads from the u21s who could be good squad players

    This squad of 20 would be a good foundation and then I think if we get a natural left back albeit Dallas can play there, a senior striker to help these young ones, an experienced central midfielder to partner forshaw, another winger, and maybe another experienced centrebck to partner cooper, that then is a 25man squad who could potentially get us promotion at the first attempt

    Hopefully we beat Tottenham and Bournemouth beat Everton and then we won't be left with the above scenario


  30. Reply
    Leeds United Ultras May 25, 2023 at 5:30 am

    Absolutely amazing video my I am actually positive going into next season with a fresh start hopefully great content mate keep going my friend massive like from me

  31. Reply
    Michael L. Maynard May 25, 2023 at 5:30 am

    My brother, the fact that "next year, there will still be a Leeds United" may be the worst part! 😂

  32. Always a level head, Ger, yours is the first channel I check when I get home from work.
    Disappointing that we might lose some talent during the summer but we'll hopefully end up with a more balanced team overall, in age, ability, experience and positional strength.

  33. Well said Ger, the club for me has been there since 1969 and the players are temporary, club is permanent. If I was still a kid I cannot imagine me wanting a poster of any of them on my wall.

  34. Really well said your final few comments on the video Ger, its been shambolic since Bielsa went, although I do believe it was time for change when he went but the changes have been disastrous ever since.

  35. Anyone else think there may be some sort of miracle final day where Rutter starts, scores twice in a 3-0 win and Everton lost at home?

  36. We didn’t have a team that was good enough last season, getting a freak result on the final day to stay up. Who expected we’d do any better this season? I didn’t. The clear out should have begun after we came 9th. We need some players with experience to balance out the youngsters. Hopefully the 49rs will sort this out PDQ. There will be some money still from parachute payments, and hopefully the new owners can spend some of the money they saved on buying the club, to improve the first XI, too. We might then bounce back. I hate the whole two games a week rush of the EFL, but we’ll have no choice. For me, the important thing is that the incoming owners don’t try to do it on the cheap again. If we can get a manager like Kompany in then hopefully players might want to come play for us.

  37. Get this farce over with let the money grabbers leave sell club and as soon as final whistle goes get in a director of football and a manager EARLY and rebuild for there
    The club needs building from the back a keeper 1st 4 defenders should be top priority and done early in first few weeks as its a hard league to leave we need to hit the ground running….
    Follow the Burnley profile they straight back up
    It's nit Rocket science but needs to start as soon as final whistle sounds…..

  38. I wouldn't class Adams a bad signing Ger

  39. Would be hard to get so many decisions wrong even if you tried.

  40. I'm trying to find something positive from all this and all I can think of is that it's better to go down and rebuild now rather than later because parachute payments are likely to be cut or stopped all together within the next few years

  41. Thanks for a rational take on the situation. It's bad, but not the end of the world and it's fixable.

  42. We need a big clear out

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