24 Home Depot Deals So Amazing You'd BE INSANE TO MISS THEM! 2022

October 27, 2022

Massive power tool deals found at the HOME DEPOT that you don’t want to miss

Home Depot Link Here https://homedepot.sjv.io/oeYa7E

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  1. What was your favorite deal?

  2. they sold out and went woke. I cancelled my commercial account as did many. Done with them…..

  3. The best battery they have is the 9ah hp but they also have a 6ah hp which is a little better than the 4ah batt-reee

  4. My jobsite fan gets the most use in the winter. When my fireplace is running hotter, I use my V20 fan to supplement the blower. If there is heat to circulate, I like to make the most of it rather than just letting the excess go up the chimney.

    Bonus: battery power if the power goes out on the blower due to ice storms, etc.

  5. Makita is always a deal. Longest lasting tools Ive ever owned…. ive bought 4 Dewalt impacts to 1 Makita, thats also using the Makita the most…

  6. Yooooooo 44406 let’s gooooo mahoning country club

  7. It's a pity I don't have any money to buy these tempting deals. 👍😎.

  8. That Ridgid fan would be great on a shelf behind a wood stove.. We’ve already had flurries / ice pellets here.. later in the week possible a dusting of snow..

  9. Tool Review Zone.. I have the Ryobi vacuum it works great got it for $99. Home Depot has a deal on the Ryobi ratchets, $199 for the 3/8 & 1/4 long reach tool only.

  10. Great video Clint! So is it me or has anyone else noticed that Vance over at that other channel (vegans can't grill) has been uploading repeat snippets of already aired content?

  11. I been seen big combos for m18 battery kits but not cheap on 1 single for example the sander which is old Homedepot should have more deals on jigsaw and I’m waiting for those new Milwaukee tools lights hope there’s deals coming up and this time there a real good Black Friday in store and online for Homedepot they not really do for the last two years but again hope they have amazing deals .

  12. Just a heads up for DeWalt fans who are looking for the fan. The discontinued model that allows for cordless or corded, (the newer model is cordless only), is still available at certain stores, but you have to go in the store. Not available online. Keep an eye out. I found one while I was traveling for work in a small town Home Depot and it was on clearance for $65. It was listed as "Not in stock". Always keep an eye out in the store!

  13. A hunred bucks for a little fan, but it doesn't work. Well, it works if you already bought a battery and a battery charger. How much is the battery and charger. I don't know but it won't work without them. Hmmmmmmm. A hundred bucks for that little fan…….but…….

  14. M12 blower doesn’t blow it stinks

  15. Makita's good, Dewalt's good, and Milwaukee's the best!

  16. Is it true that Home Depot’s Milwaukee tools have plastic gears instead of metal gears , I was told by a tool shop that they’re products don’t have the plastic gears, I don’t know wether to believe them or not

  17. Okay yes my shrink says that I am crazy but maybe I don't bye these because I am broke and maybe Google's speech to text sucks stupid Google and exactly how many Chargers does Milwaukee think we need I have three so far and each one charges 1 M 12 and one M18 battery at the same time I don't know why I would need a charger with every freaking tool I buy so how about we make them a little cheaper and leave the Chargers in the warehouse till somebody might actually need one but I'm assuming that's what you get when some moron makes a million too many Chargers

  18. Love your videos but those deals on the m12 have been out for a while. They expire on 23 OCT is prob the more salient point.

    If you have the mil discount it will work on the m12 starter and tool, really drives that price down (doesn’t work in the the select your own tool, also can’t hack)

  19. Glad to see Makita is in the price drop game – but I got the multi-tool as a bobo 🎉🎉.

  20. Milwaukee also has a amazing deal on 5 inch band saw kit. Plus choose free tool or batterie. Going on right now. I got the kit with 6 amp battery. $389.

  21. This video was real "nice like" 👍🏾

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