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July 7, 2023

20x Year in Review Player Picks!

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Craig Douglas

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  1. Reply
    5 minutes craft w fabian July 7, 2023 at 6:06 pm

    got red openda from this i can swap my motm card 😀

  2. got mbappe i cant explain how lucky i was

  3. Has anyone got Mbappe in thau

  4. I got fit fantasy depay his sbc was about 371k

  5. i got 91 carrasco 92 laporte 88 joselu and 91 de jong who do i chose

  6. I used to use Pedri in April but I submitted him in an sbc

  7. i got POTM haaland w or L

  8. I got flashback Aouar

  9. I got POTM Haaland which I thought was pretty good 🎉

  10. How to get year in review pick

  11. "Opportunities don't happen, you create them." –Chris Grosser

  12. I got the red Openda, used him this weekend and he has been unreal

  13. Marco reus 🎉not bad at all great player for links to my la liga squad plus shape shifters

  14. I got kimpembe out of mine and did not have him. Big W.

  15. i got flashback laporte, little W

  16. i got team of the season marco verratti

  17. I got red Openda which I am very happy with

  18. 84 and 86 squad for 1 fodder card. No thanks

  19. Nep already getting Timber vibes 😂

  20. I think this is an ok sbc it is fairly cheap I got angel Gomes Wijnaldum and Rafa in mine and took showdown Wijnaldum because he fits in my team better than Gomes

  21. Cabrara is awful in game

  22. Should I do Cech instead

  23. Just wanna say anyone who gets Montiel, since I did his sbc he’s hands down been the best centre half I’ve used. Absolutely cracked if you move him there

  24. So happy with my Tammy Abraham

  25. What shirt is that nep?

  26. I got mesut didn’t do his SBC when it was out I was away so kind glad I got him 😊😊

  27. Love the Ajax kit Neppo!

  28. Mitoma > Guerriero

  29. Save your fodder people this sbc is 💩

  30. My best choice was moments luke de jong 😂😂

  31. I got fb nkunku 🎉

  32. IQ test

  33. I just got flashback kimpembe lets gooooooo!!!!

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