2023 Kia Niro EV review – we drive NEW e-Niro electric car! | What Car? 2022

March 14, 2023

We’ve driven the new 2023 Kia Niro EV, successor to the groundbreaking e-Niro electric car.

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  1. Charging speed is really disappointing, otherwise – a brilliant car, and reasonably priced, too. Would love to have all wheel drive and sliding back seats to have more storage space though. Hope that sound insulation is better than in the old one, which had virtually none. Nice review, thanks.

  2. What are the differences between 2,3 and 4 ?

  3. What’s going on with the zebra paint job on the rear bumper?Never seen that before on this car.

  4. The charging time really is no biggie!

  5. Good interior, although why manufacturers still think we need immediate access to wing mirror controls I'll never know – assuming driver profiles available

  6. You can't release an EV in this class with <100kw charging.
    There are 2, just 2, things people need with a modern EV. (1) 300 miles/450km (2) 20 minute charging.

    Clearly Kia/Hyundai can do it so this is simply restricting features to promote the EV6.

    Shame. So nearly replaced an ICE car …. but not quite.

  7. I’d get this car, if I had brain damage. Why on earth would someone opt for this over a Tesla. Buying this car today would be like buying a crt glued to a typewriter, for almost the same price as a computer. It looks like it should be ok… but it’s not. You’re missing the whole point of what a car is now. It’s not merely four wheels and a motor. It’s four wheels, a motor and a computerized system which allows for autonomous driving, power management, environment control etc. How is this car much different than taking a forklift motor and mounting it in a car where the engine is removed? I could care less about the styling. Does it meet what people will need/expect? I don’t think so.

  8. Don't buy Kia mines gone wrong after 2 years 17000 miles and dealers won't touch it.

  9. People talking about it being slower at charging? If you read the KIA specs it suggests it max speeds is just over 100kw? Charge time on 100kw charger is 45mins, where as a 300kw charge being 43mins?

  10. kia niro is now the cheaper honda cr-v

  11. Pre-ordered the level 2 over a month ago now and finally got to test drive one over the weekend and it was a great drive, however the technology inside was disappointing.

    The infotainment system is older and the screen just doesn't look as nice compared to the higher specs because it's not long one long piece of glass but plastic surrounding the screens.

    Also the place where you have the buttons for heated and ventilated seats are just left blank but the square is still there, so you'll always feel like you're missing features when it's so in your face like that.

    Decided to upgrade to the level 3. Means I'll get a month or two later but for a car I'm planning to keep for the long haul, I think I'll be much happier!

    I do wish I could get the level 4, but that's just too unaffordable for me and the extras you get above the level 3 didn't make it worth it imo

  12. What Niro EV levels have pre-heated batteries?

  13. Great quality of the video even without the camera man.

  14. can we swap the batteries on the new e-Nero EV?

  15. I like the styling of the previous version much better. This looks like it's trying too hard, and despite a styling attempt at modern aggression, it is 1 second slower to 60moh, and has a softer suspension. Why did they do that? The previous car was comfortable and handles very nicely – it's a lot of fun to punch from a stop, but surely not a handful that had to be tamed. Seems a shame they went soft.

  16. Went to the Niro EV unveiling yesterday evening. Very disappointed by the tacky use of lots of piano black plastic on the exterior; the design team need to go back to the drawing board with that. I really wanted to like this car as we are now looking for replacement for present 1st Gen E Niro, and I’m afraid this update isn’t going to cut it especially with it’s £1200 price hike on 1 July !
    Just need to keep looking at what Hyundai and Chinese have to offer next year.

  17. Wonderfull car, i have the original Niro and im still more than satisfied.

  18. between this and Megane etech electric, which will you recommend?

  19. I still don't understand why no reviews ever highlight that there's still a latch under the bonnet to open. The Tesla's are the only vehicles that only have this and it makes the frunk much more accessible instead of having to fiddle your finger under the bonnet lip to find the latch!
    That charging speed is nothing to write home about, but I suspect in the Real World, Kia has done their homework and realised, most people just won't notice – I doubt this is used by 99% of its customers for long distance driving regularly where it needs a recharge in 15 minutes.

  20. This will be my first EV…

  21. Reply
    Replicant Battyman March 14, 2023 at 2:26 pm

    so the old model is more worth your money if you dont care about styling?

  22. I am a 2022 Kira eNiro owner for about 8 months and love MOST of what the car offers. Longer charging times haven't been too much of a burden even on long road trips, but what bugs the hell out of me to no end is the soundsystem.
    It caps out at 8,000 tracks on a USB drive with the USB-based sound system, and Kia stupidly got rid of the 3.5mm audio aux input jack. I've tried workarounds with 3.5mm to USB jacks but none of them work…so, for somebody like me who has a huge music collection and likes having it all at my fingertips, I can't use my old 160gb ipod like I did in my 2016 Kia Soul EV because there's no jack, and I have to swap between multiple USB drives to get equivalent amounts of music loaded into the system. This drives me nuts, and could be a dealbreaker whenever I consider an upgrade.
    Is it REALLY so difficult to have an auxiliary input audio jack??? C'mon Kia, you're better than this.

  23. Everybody is forgetting Renault Megane E Tech

  24. I don't understand how this isn't gouging the market considering the ev6? Similar sizes, similar precticality.. Similar use cases.. And the prices aren't that different.. Whats the deal here?

  25. You probably already know but i will mention it anyways. You pointed out that roads in Norway where better maintained than in UK and they most certainly are but roads in Scandinavia are heavily trafficked with studded tyres during winter and therefor our roads have small perforations that increase road noise compare to a central European country where studded tyres are not used. So unless you review all cars on Scandinavian roads its not a fair noise comparison. Great video btw.

  26. It's always been the Niro EV in all other markets. The real question is why they ever called it the e-Niro.

  27. I wouldn't buy purely because of the slow charging. These days and for what's coming soon… faster charge times from competitors especially Chinese cars coming here soon .. and new batteries like the LFP types with 360w/Kg which you can charge from 0 to 100% without/little degradation, increased ranges 1000km…etc… charge times need to be 20 minutes max from 0 to 100%

  28. Styling wise I absolutely prefer this to the previous Niro.

  29. this is a 23 version not a 22 like the video claims

  30. My next car, thank you

  31. Will you be reviewing the latest Kia Niro Self Charging Hybrid?

  32. Im Korean and I never buy Korean cars. They always come with machanical problems. Only thing they make good is galaxy phone and nail cutter and beauty products. Dont ever buy Korean cars

  33. Reply
    The Next Electric Car March 14, 2023 at 2:26 pm

    Good review! To be honest, I was hoping for more from the latest generation of this automobile. I'm not a fan of the fact that the front charging port is still there, checkout 1:58. Love it! thanks again. great video. I'm guessing that Kia doesn't want the Niro EV to look too good when compared to EV5…

  34. I’m in the minority – I don’t like the 2023 styling. Looks like a bit much for a practical car. Too much plastic and jagged lines. Don’t love the front grill either. I have a gen 1 niro EV and while a bit plain I like the look more.

  35. When Hyundai'll launch all new ioniq ?

  36. Yes I am here and I always will be so everybody know that I am here

  37. I love it! I own a 2020 Niro EV (US) and the only thing I don't like about it is the back up pedestrian warning sound. Please tell me they adjusted the volume on that with the vehicle you drove.

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