2023 Genesis GV70 Electrified Review – The NEW Luxury Benchmark Electric SUV 2022

April 24, 2023

#Genesis #GV70 #gv70electrified

Out of the few luxury #ev suvs I’ve tested, this is truly the best yet. Based off the excellent gv70, this electrified version solves some of the shortcomings of the gas-powered models while providing a better experience at a better price than its rivals the #lexusRZ and #audietron
236 mi range
429 hp dual motor
800v charging
elite exterior and interior design

00:00 – Intro/Powertrain
01:59 – Exterior
04:06 – Cargo
05:06 – Backseat
07:14 – Frontseat
13:10 – 0-60 accleration/night
14:02 – Driving Impressions
20:59 – eGV70 vs. Lexus RZ vs. Audi E-Tron
23:47 – eGV70 vs. GV60 vs. eG80
26:15 – Drawback/Conclusion
29:10 – B-Roll / Credits

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  1. We're trading in a 2023 GV80 for this EV. Should arrive in July. We also have a 2022 GV70 3.5T which we're trading in for a GV60. Going all electric!

  2. LG – Hyundai Indonesia The Biggest in Asia & Pacific
    Made in Indonesia = Superior Quality
    You know why Tesla has cancelled the contract in Indonesia but to Australia as Tesla is overrated average just like Apple.
    LG and Hyundai are much better truly beyond innovative than both Tesla and Apple 😉
    Not to forget Boston Dynamics Robots now belong to Hyundai

  3. I bought one. I got the Advanced model. It comes loaded enough without the top trim level imo. I'm really impressed by everything about the car. Haven't seen another one on the road yet even though the dealer said I bought the 5th one they sold. It wasn't out on the lot. I asked and they happened to have exactly one in the back. No mark-up

  4. The Koreans are just killing it

  5. Good reviews. Too me the value compared to Tesla is too stark. GV70 gets 230 mile range priced at $66k, and gets no incentives. Model Y gets 280 mile range and priced at 39k after incentives.

  6. Bringing up RZ with pretty much anything is a bad joke.
    I'll wait for 2nd gen, but probably will go for g80 instead. No EV is worth buying now, they are still 4-5 years away.

  7. Very amazing vehicle, inside and out….

    The tech is top notch, quality is clearly present, and very high performance!!!

    Unfortunately, just some of many reasons why I buy a car. I've read and seen many reviews and comments. And looked at several of their vehicles. And it still has a ways to go.

    1. Customer service is mediocre at best and still treated like an average Hyundai buyer. Not in a good way

    2. Longevity and reliability are still questionable especially with kia/Hyundai track record. With tech like this it needs be dependable and functional. Plus those repair bills, constant and high.

    3. Related to 1, they need to establish actual Genesis dealerships to really give that more premium upscale experience. With hopefully better service than the parent company. Just reminds you bought a dressed up Hyundai otherwise.

    Other than that great vehicles with plenty of potential. These will continue to sell well but I'm waiting for what's to come.

    Great review Kirk again!! Staying with Lexus 😁

  8. It's nice!, but the range. 😟

  9. Reply
    Johnathon McPherson April 24, 2023 at 5:10 am

    Are they intentionally making to most hideous rims in the world on every single EV I've seen

  10. If u buying a 75k car then you probably don’t qualify for the tax credit.

  11. Right where I thought it would land. Two more inches in the rear and I’d be cutting a check. 🎯 29:15

  12. Today, you remind me of a 6yr. old on Christmas morning that got everything he asked Santa to bring. It's a beautiful car. Listen up every other luxury maker.

  13. Good review. I have a 2022 GV70 3.5 Sport Prestige, wonderful vehicle. Had the electrified GV70 been out when I bought mine, it would have been a tough call. Personally I prefer the electrified GV70 over the GV60, interested in which will sell better. I am a Genesis fan, former Germans and Jags owner, took a chance with one of the very first GV70 3.5 Sport Prestige models, over a year in I have zero regrets. The GV70 has such great design inside and out, the electrified model should do well.

  14. Hmm. I need to get some LaCroix as well 🧐

  15. Reply
    💰 Make $756 Per Day April 24, 2023 at 5:10 am

    "Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it's safe or certain." —

  16. Great video Kirk – thanks for posting it. I've ordered an Electrified GV70 (ETA is the end of May) and your very positive review confirms all of my first impressions when I test drove the demo vehicle last month. The only model/trim available up here in Canada for the Electrified GV70 is "Prestige", so I'll be getting virtually the same vehicle that you drove. 😀
    Cheers Richard

  17. The issue that I have experienced with Genesis is the dealer experience. I have experienced lazy salespeople who merely wanted to take an order instead of spending the time necessary to sell a luxury vehicle. The local dealer is in the same facility as their Hyundai showroom. It gives the sensation that Genesis is merely an add on product. The service department has the same reputation with my friends who have purchased Genesis's. As good a car may be, I, for one, do not want to have that experience. I will stay with Porsche.

  18. I really hope G70 gets the same treatment soon

  19. The US congress better acts fast to simply this EV tax credit rules…consumers are hurting fighting with dealer markups and on their own to figure out the tax credit rules…..

  20. Genesis might just have the best looking overall lineup of any luxury car brand this side of Bentley or Porsche.

  21. Genesis simply hits home run after home run. I was thoroughly impressed test driving g80 and g90. g90 was a perception changer for me.

  22. No wireless CarPlay is a pass

  23. Great video. Great vehicle. I live in Tampa Bay, FL and had to cancel my reservation in another state for this SUV the day it arrived a few weeks ago as I found out I couldn’t get it serviced anywhere in FL.

  24. The worst part about buying a genesis is the Hyundai dealerships / service that you get due to lack of genesis support in most of US

  25. Reply
    💰 Make $756 Per Day April 24, 2023 at 5:10 am

    "Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy." —

  26. I saw GV70 EV in person. It is a beautiful vehicle. Interior looks traditional rich luxury design made me feel rich, warm and home sweet home. I heard the waiting time is about eight months. GV70 EB is desirable and attractive; what would GV80 SUV-EB be in 2025? Genesis has a bright future.👍

  27. I’m pretty sure it will be losing the tax credit

  28. For $74K wireless CarPlay and Android Auto should be standard features. The absence of this is inexcusable. Whatever is preventing this, it should be addressed and resolved in time for the 2024 model year.

  29. looking forward to gv80 electrified

  30. Of course it’s beautiful but come on man. Not even 300 miles of range, the charging times are still slow as hell, and to top it off it ain’t even eligible for a tax credit! Who the hell is agreeing to pay $70k+ for this?

  31. This is not an suv lol

  32. Dude …your passion and enthusiasm is just everything!
    I had no idea this vehicle existed, but thank you for the amazing evaluation. Def top 5 electric vehicles!

  33. Quality and features matter.

  34. Don't be so shy, KK—tell us how you really feel. 😃😃😃

  35. Learn to use those paddles for regen baby. So much fun to modulate through the different levels as needed. You're wasting free energy by using the conventional brakes. Also, you're eating up those brake pads.

  36. Save your money folks and still with the Japanese brands.

  37. Wow. Another vehicle that’ll be forgotten in a month. NM it’s already forgotten

  38. amazing car, hopefully the wait times arent over 2-3 years.

  39. Reply
    Bald is Aerodynamic April 24, 2023 at 5:10 am

    LOLZZZZZZZZZZ 236 miles range for $75,000???????????????? LOL

    i think the GV70 tax credit is not qualifying after 4.18….i could be wrong tho.
    i wonder what the quality of that alabama plant is…..HMG has not alawys had the best reputation for vehicles made in USA over the Korean made models.

    glass roofs really need to be options at all trims. i personally hate them, heat magnets. the tesla m3 im renting has it and i despise it.

  40. Great car, I always considered this as a replacement for my 2018 Model 3 AWD. The range is basically the same (tesla quotes 310, but realistically its around 260), and we know that Hyundai EV's tend to get better mileage vs their EPA estimates. If only the price was a bit lower, but I suspect they'll reach a lower price as they ramp up production in a few years.

  41. This just in:
    Vehicles losing credits on Tuesday are the BMW 330e, BMW X5 xDrive45e, Genesis Electrified GV70, Nissan Leaf, Rivian R1S and R1T, Volkswagen ID.4 as well as the plug-in hybrid electric Audi Q5 TFSI e Quattro and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) Volvo S60.

    Good ol' government making things as confusing as possible. However there is a loophole! Any EV will qualify for $7500 if you lease. The dealer gets the credit which lowers your monthly payment. On the GV70 website, Genesis is advertising the lease deal: $799/mo for 36mo, $5999 due at signing, with $7500 credit.

    Update: was able to get up to 3.8mi/kWh taking it easy in town with ambient 64F. So best case the 74kwh usable can get up to 381mi at less than 60mph!
    Also boost button works in eco mode! So I can have my preferred pedal response all the time with peak power with a press of the boost button ❤️

  42. Kirk, I suspect the reason why Genesis is not offering the GV70e in FL is that they're reserving those units for the 15 US or so that abide by CARB regulations above the EPA's. Those (except CO) are located either in the Northeast or in the Pacific Coast.

    Most likely they will offer the other 35 US or so (and PR) this compact luxury crossover in the '24 MY later on this Fall or a bit later.

  43. Great vehicle but is it worth $20K more than a Model Y?

  44. Isn’t the range a little low to be a benchmark?

  45. I saw the paper said 85% Korean with Korean built engines and transmissions, so they can’t blame the Americans when this thing falls apart. I wish this car was a Chrysler.😩

  46. the way they hid the charging port is the best way to go about it!

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