2023 Auto Expo: The Indian Motor Show Is All Set To Happen After A Big Void of 3 Years reviews

January 17, 2023

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From electric cars and new SUVs to scooters and sports bikes, this year’s Auto Expo promises to showcase the very best in the automotive industry. Returning next week after a gap of three years, the automotive bonanza promises the very best to the auto enthusiast as well as the industry.
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  2. Excuse me, but you keep presenting the same outdated technology. What can be called a new concept vehicle, when they are all equipped on the same technological concept more than 150 years old. I think there's no more in the big car companies, staff that bring new inventions, you don't innovate another type of vehicle. The mechanical principle has never come to terms well with electronic elements. Instead of beating the pace on the spot, it is better to look for new technical and technical principles that can really bring a new technological wave to the vehicles.

    The design does not mean technical and technological novelty, but only the appearance of the different interior and exterior shapes of the vehicle.

  3. Please no more electric cars

  4. No such thing as South Asia Kolkata is on the same level as Hong Kong and Kashmir is on the same level as Shanghai.

  5. Reply
    Camping trip캠핑여행 January 17, 2023 at 1:48 am

    와우 멋진 채널 입니다
    Wow what a cool channel

  6. Any car for city. In small size,

  7. Wr is jimny

  8. Is no mahindra, honda, vw, skoda and German brands in the expo🤔

  9. Nashe me he kya last year Indore me hua tha 🤣

  10. For true Auto Enthusiasts Who also going to take action in upgrading his parking spot/Garage have stopped wasting time back in 2002, That was also mine Last.
    Indian Auto Expo is Not about cars it's about Glorifying Brand Without Delivering anything substantial to REAL Car Enthusiast. 🤞🏼🙏🏾 Hope Things At Indian Auto Industry Marketing Philosophy Changes SOON. 🙏🏾🤞🏼🖕

  11. where has this been organised?

  12. Anyone can visit Auto Expo? Are there any tickets?

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