2022 Tata Nexon EV Max review – Larger battery, more range & new kit | First Drive | Autocar India 2022

December 24, 2022

Max suffix for the hugely popular Nexon EV packs in a bigger battery and more safety and premium kit. Jay Patil finds out more.

Cameraperson: Mrityunjay Chakraborty, Shreyans Chordia
Editor: Mohit Sharma

0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Exterior
1:27 – Interior
2:27 – Safety equipment
2:56 – Features
3:01 – Modified floor board and rear seat space
3:46 – Boot capacity
4:01 – Battery and performance
4:47 – Claimed range
5:05 – Real world range
5:22 – Regenerative braking
5:54 – Kerb weight
6:06 – Suspension and ride
6:29 – Steering and handling
6:54 – Braking
7:48 – Recharging times
8:28 – Price and verdict

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  1. Reply
    Arunabiram Jayachandran December 24, 2022 at 9:28 am

    Everbody is focused on EV's due to their eco friendly. but no one understands that most of the Power generated in the country is from Fossile fuels. First focus on that.

  2. Barring the interiors why can't tata come up with good looking cars!!! Except for latest tata safaris the other designs are crap

  3. Has this CAR got NAVIC satellite NAVIGATION system or GPS navigation system ??

  4. Leg posture is a no deal for me

  5. I think it looks horrible, like really horrible. Looks like Frog to me.

  6. How much time to charge it to 100%

  7. Reply
    Dr. Anoop Singh Ranhotra December 24, 2022 at 9:28 am

    I read lot of comments demanding 500km range car and the abysmal real world range of nexon vs the ARAI claim.

    SImply put an EV outputs about an average of 5km to 7.5 km depending on your foot on accelaration, AC usage.

    so taking 6km per kilowatt of battery gives about 180km on a 30KWhr battery pack on old nexon, which is actually it's real world range.

    In order for our ask of 500km we would need 100KWhr of battery – this in turn has its own cons
    1. long charging times
    2. Increased weight if car driving efficiency down.
    3. Less ground clearance and rear seat leg space.
    4. Exorbitant costs which would make it impossible to afford for most of us .

    Though the battery technology is slowly improving and the battery output per density and it's price is slowly going down, but we have to stick with what we are being offerred in india for atleast upcoming 10 years.
    MG ZS Long Range Version 70KWhr is another option giving about 5 to 6km/kw x 70 = 350-420 km of range –

    reming me about it's price or is it even available ?

  8. Wish they'd expand to North America. So affordable compared to our EVs.

  9. why number plate is RED ? sometimes its showing in GREEN ?

  10. Reply
    Al Tair Group International December 24, 2022 at 9:28 am

    Can we expect Tata Nexon EV MAX – Dark Edition?

  11. Excellent informative review well done! Now to convince Tata South Africa to distribute here where there's a huge gap in our ev market!

  12. I just wish the backside had a better design. Otherwise, the Nexon EV is perfect.

  13. EV platform should be created from scratch & not retrofit on existing cars.
    Taking shortcut can prove expensive in long run, when chinese cos. will start selling EVs at attractive price just like chinese smartphones dominate the Indian market.
    Nexon EV Tigor EV etc, why not a completely new platform n design which suits the battery and electric motor placement.

  14. Instead of seating awkward knee up, they could've used some of the boot space. That is problem of all EVs though.

  15. Let's be honest, i am not gonna wait for 2 hours to charge my car every 200kms on a long drive.

  16. MG ZS EV can be the strongest contender to Nexon EV Max almost at same price point.

  17. Excellent Reviiew!!! You said both pros and cons which was really helpful!!

  18. why very less top speed?

  19. 2022 revolution of electric bike and automobile in india by Tata motor. Every must be buy electric automobile and bike and made of India.

  20. Waiting for the pro max tooo….

  21. We have Nexon petrol top end model.. Really its touch screen Sucks 🤮

  22. Disappointed by the actual range. Should have been over 300.

  23. is the host related to Mr. Whoistheboss?

  24. How many units of electricity does it consume for a full charge?

  25. i am not sure about pricing, it seems very high for such little payback

  26. Should work on the price. Which gains advantage to go for other ev option.

  27. superb product…need of the hour

  28. Regular version of nexon ev still makes sense because ev max only give 50 to 70 kms extra range and ev max does not comes under Maharastara Govt. Ev subsidy.

  29. Unless and Until the Electric Cars and Utility Vehicles are Sold under 10 Lakh Rupees on – road, With Realistic Range of More than 350 Kilometers in Hypermode till Then Electric Vehicles are Waste of Money . Electric Vehicles in Our India 🇮🇳 Lack Range and are Sold at Huge Prices Unaffordable to 92 Percent of Indians .

  30. What we need currently is an affordable EV with 450-500 real world range and the one that can do with speeds of 90-110.
    Anything below this won't sell except for the urban buyers. We don't need money to be spent on gimmicky features like cooled seats, park brake with a button etc. Just a good car with good range , safety & speeds decent enough.

  31. Too expensive! Tamo should have reduced the price of the existing Nexon EV and priced Max at the current level. This would have ensured the base Max model continued getting subsidy, making it value for money. Does that dashboard belong in a 20L car, i don't think so.

  32. 15 lakh, 500km onroad mileage and 4 hr home charge, non breaking EV engine on road. Only this ev would satisfy someone's peace of mind.

  33. okay 260 is quite poor for the price. Disappointed in the range.

  34. i waited all these months for the Nexon extended range..Just (266 km range,halogen lights,2 airbags) no cupholders and cramped backseat with high footboard.. I am skipping this one too 😞

  35. Reply
    Srinidhi Ramachandra December 24, 2022 at 9:28 am

    430 vs 260 is huge difference.. Claim should be something realistic

  36. So its perfect as a city car only. Will have to wait 2-3 years more for proper 300+ Km range EVs.

  37. This is why hybrid cars makes more sense!!

  38. Disappointed with the range. 👎🏻

  39. Really disappointed with range😭

  40. tata pride of india

  41. The day EV sales will skyrocket when they introduce one in the mass market segment with a MINIMUM range of 500Kms.
    Expecting such kind of product from Mahindra now!

  42. The tyres are also now bolted on with 5 nuts instead of 4 from the standard Nexons. One of the difference.

  43. It's really hard to pull off what TATA did I mean Tesla failed the first time.

  44. Missed a big feature. Ventilated seats ! 🥶

  45. Why would I pay 20L for the car design that can be easily bought in 8L and extra 12L would get me running for whole 5 years, including the fuel costs??

    There is no motivation in spending your moolah on a car that looks similar to the one that hit the shores 2 years back. And that range, lol….makes my belief more and more strengthened that electric cars are nothing but sham! And won't stand test of the time…

  46. Arai is useless

  47. Lovely review. One thing which I don't appreciate about the #NexonEVmax is the exposed wires at the bottom of the car.

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