2022 Review of the Year: BBC News Review reviews

January 20, 2023

Beth and Neil look back at some of the most popular news stories from 2022 that we discussed on News Review and remind you of some of the English vocabulary we taught.

Story: Late nights: Bad for your health? – 21st September
Staying up late into the night.
For some people, it’s just the way they prefer to live. But it could be affecting their health.
New research from the US found that ‘night owls’ may be more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes.
It’s because people who get up early burn fat for energy more easily.

Key phrase:
night owls
people who like being active at night and go to bed late
– I was a night owl at university. I always wrote my essays after midnight.
– She’s a night owl, which is why she’s often grumpy in the morning.

Story: Cancer vaccine? – 19th October
A cancer vaccine by 2030?
The husband-and-wife team who worked on the Covid jab say the same technology could be used to treat cancer.
These vaccines tell the cells to produce a protein that can fight tumours.
The trials are in the early stages, but results have been encouraging, so far.

Key word:
find a solution to something
– The police have cracked the case. The husband stole the money.
– Scientists have cracked a mystery child illness in the UK.

Story: World energy crisis – 29th June
The world’s temperatures are rising… and so are people’s energy bills. Gas supply problems have been caused by the war in Ukraine.
Now some governments are thinking of going back in time – and using coal to generate power. But many see this as a step backwards for the environment.

Key word:
hard to believe, often because it’s shocking
– The death caused unimaginable sadness in the family.
– Covid has had an unimaginable effect on young people’s mental health.

0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Story
0:57 – Headline 1: Sky News: Early bird or night owl?
3:02 – Headline 2: BioNTech: Could Covid vaccine technology crack cancer?
4:56 – Headline 3: The Guardian: Fight against spectre of global recession
6:18 – Language summary

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