2022 Peugeot 3008 review – NEW changes in detail | What Car? reviews

April 12, 2023

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In this Peugeot 3008 review we find out if a few light updates make this the best family SUV around.

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  1. For a tall person of 6,3 I think it will be ok 👍

  2. Scp 3008 car be like

  3. 3008 looks best definitely!

  4. Excellent review, but sadly Peugeot seem to have dropped the 2 litre diesel from the line up now. As I tow a caravan, the 1.5 litre diesel is really too small and the whole car has too light a kerbweight to make it a sensible choice for drivers that tow caravans/boats etc. Shame as its a beautiful looking car, packed with features but unfortunately I'll have to look elsewhere.

  5. I’m just about to order my 4th 3008. The most Beautiful Car in every way. Perfect. We’ll done Peugeot. 👍

  6. Hi bought this 3008 allure in Sept 2021. I found it so dangerous on my first big roadie, as the steering wheel felt so light and flimsy. Not cool going around winding roads. Several months later, i love it. It’s great on petrol & easy to keep clean. Its extremely comfortable with lovely seat warmers. The reversing camera is mediocre, and I just hook everything up to apple play, as so much easier. I did pay the extra for the different tyres with mud, snow etc and I feel it’s grips well on the road with snow and frost. I also paid extra and had my tyres blacked out, it looks so much nicer without the chrome. It looks like the GT model without the extra money. I do love the bright lights & I get a lot of stares & comments. In my New Zealand city where I live, this is definitely a rare car. There’s a few old Peugeots around, but not many new 3008s. My son has a bmw & reckons my Peugeot is nowhere near as cool as his. I beg to differ.

  7. I really don't see why people make a big deal about the steering wheel. Any wheel can obstruct your view depending on your driving position and the wheels adjustment – even if you shift your body position during a journey.

  8. We have leased the 3008 since December 2019 and judging from this review we will continue to love this SUV for our choice of transport for 2022 on wards well done team Peugeot this is still a step up from all other SUV's.

  9. Great review, thanks! I find Doug (and What Car reviews in general) consistently offer professional, balanced and informative reviews, Nice relaxed style, great presentation! Long-time subscriber, and I’m currently in the process of changing the car… Currently in Mazda CX 30, want something slightly bigger, CX 5 on the cards along with Peugeot 3008, new Tuscon and Nissan Qashqai.. this review very helpful, somehow though I think I’m veering towards the Tucson because of the boot space, and I think the hybrid looks competitively priced especially considering the amount of spec.. this review very helpful. Cheers!

  10. Good review, nice car, I'm going to buy one.

  11. I have a peugeot and that small steering wheel is the best. You can toggle through the display settings to change the viewing. I don't like the regular steering wheels anymore, just looks to big. Overall, these models are very nice to drive.

  12. Owning it for 5 months today. This car's styling would look modern even after 7 years in my opinion. The interior,in my GT trim, is the most beautiful I've ever seen in any vehicle.

  13. good looking car, but citroen c5 aircross is even better looking….

  14. Preferred the older model don't like the facelift front end at all love my 2019 gt premium steering wheel is not an issue

  15. I bought it yesterday 😊

  16. The most beautiful suv in its segment. The most luxurious, the best looking and hightech

  17. Puegeot 3008 and 5008😍😍

  18. still looks quite high off road for disabled passengers

  19. ive owned my 3008 1.6 petrol auto since 2017 and in general very happy,engine is more than capable and the handling is really good for an suv,the auto gear box is a little annoying at low speeds,it tries to pull away in second gear when still rolling but doesnt get going so you ease on the gas and it then shifts into first and shoots off,not a major issue just annoying.the worst thing is cabin noise at motorway speeds,im always checking the windows are rolled up thinking someone left a window slightly open.dont remember this being an issue when i first got the car but im looking at the XC40,RAV4 or TUSCON

  20. Does the Apple CarPlay work without cable?

  21. The car looks good, but like all Peugeots after a few thousand miles the suspension starts to rattle more than the other dearer cars. I still remember the bad rattling on the Peugeot I had for three years, which ended up with a rear axel replacement. Do not judge a car by looks alone!

  22. Peugeot je kral automobiliek 100 percent 🥰

  23. Best SUV among the same categories. Powerful torque !!!!!

  24. C5 Aircross….

  25. Steering wheel is excellent. Still don't get the constant referring to it. I much prefer it to the traditional. The infotainment system is a doddle too. Really makes me wonder about some users functional abilities. Small dash glove box? Such a problem in a big SUV with storage dotted all around it?!

  26. Have a new 2008. Fantastic car. Great to drive and looks so good. So good to stand out from all the German black/grey slabs out there. Allez!

  27. I loved Peugeot, I had a 2004 307, stayed with me for 10 years, it was just going and going….but, but the AC was down most of time. ….where…in…Saudi Arabia…if you dont have a good AC, your care worth nothing…why couldn't they just copy Japanese AC.sys, and used on Peugeot. anyway….no more Peugeot .for me.

  28. This is such a great looking car. To be honest it's hard to make an SUV look appealing, but they have managed it. By the way, can anyone actually tell the difference between a SEAT, Skoda or VW these days, without looking at the badge?

  29. Why are you reviewers so negative to the diesels? My 1.5 hdi eat8 is far superior to petrol costs a massive £5 more to fill up and goes 200 miles further a tank, easily gets 60 mpg in general driving. Oh, it has lower emissions than the petrol so actually greener!
    Air con control is simple, press the shortcut button to access the screen and 3 seconds to adjust.
    I have the ore facelift GT Line Premium with the bigger more fuel efficient wheels and will be getting another one within 3 months.
    Power tailgate and opening panoramic roof does it for me. 130 hp is plenty for our speed limits in U.K I really don’t understand by you all bang on about needing more.
    Back in the 1980’s I had a Ford Capri 3.0 litre v6, which was rated as very fast but, it only managed 136 horsepower and 14 miles per gallon!
    So a 1.5 auto diesel with 130 hp and 60 mpg is a much more refined and virtually as fast as the Capri was.
    Bear in mind, Minis, original ones at the time had 47 hp and most Sierra type cars only had around 80 hp and they were considered quick enough with plenty of power for everyday driving.
    Have you found a road in Britain you can drive along at over 100 mph without traffic or speed cameras on? Different in the 80’s but not today.

  30. Had a 3008 since May since new. GT Line. Absolutely love it. The drive is just pure pleasure and the steering is nothing short of marvelous. The tech is great as well and i am hard pressed to find any fault. I can't wait to slip in a RS3 engine somewhere down the line 🙂

  31. Had a 3008 for 8 months, love the styling, love the dash, BUT, I think they ran out of money with the software, lag, response is awful, connects to phone doesn't connect to phone, really disappointing.

  32. Unrelated issue. I drive an Mitsubishi Pajero sport with 60 000km’s driven. Shortly after a service my handbrake dash warning light came on. I took it to a Mitsubishi service a dealership. They assessed it and reported that my handbrake linings are worn completely and metal on metal. They charged me $160 for checking and then more than $500again for replacing the handbrake linings. They also warned me not to use my vehicle until they replaced the parts that took 7 days. I contacted Mitsubishi complaints and head office for clarity on this. It seems they don’t check hand brake linings on services and it is OK for them if one break down at an inconvenient time with worn handbrake linings. Even though my vehicle is only on 60 000km’s and it is not expected for hand brake linings to fail so early they refuse to explore it any further than me paying twice to have my linings replaced. They also also have no answer whatsoever when I asked, how do I prevent this in the future…so if you drive a Mitsubishi you can’t rely on dealership services to warn you prior to having you breaking down and having to pay twice for something that can be fixed at services. It seems like checking the handbrake linings yourself is the only option. I think this is appalling from Mitsubishi.

  33. Imagine titling the video new changes and not mentioning night vision how strange

  34. How many times are you going to call out the same brand. This is just biased advertising.

  35. Good review but I hate the fact that you guys alway compare every brand again Seat and Skoda or should I say VW brand. , how come you don't use Kia or Hyundai which to be are far better and have better specs.
    This just tells me you are trying to promote and biased to VW brand and not other brands.

  36. VW Tiguan, Ford Kuga, Nissan Qashqai, Lexus NX, Hyundai Tucson….. and all other medium range suv's cannot compete with Peugeot in terms of beauty. Interior is extra special. Exterior looks equally exclusive. Great looking suv but not just the beauty, also the engine variants cover what others in the same segment don't. 1.2 litre and 1.6 litre engine are practical for daily use. Manual option is handy. In my personal opinion it is the best suv. Even when I see BMW X3 or Porsche Macan i find Peugeot 3008 better than those if you keep in mind the price, engine variant and the interior, exterior styling.

  37. I always wonder why there is so much fuzz about the climate control. When you have the automatic climate control you set a temperature and that's it, is my experience. In my Arteon I touched it 5 times last 3,5 years. It is basically always at 20.5 C, fan set to auto. Same for the sound volume. I touched it 7 times. All the other times I used the buttons on the steering wheel.

  38. Happy you guys finally reviewed this!

  39. Great video. Awesome review. Thank you.

  40. thank you very stylish Peugeot 3008, I like this car very much, wish you good health

  41. Have you guys done a review on a seven seater car that still has boot space?

  42. Any chance you could mention the dimension of the cars as well. Thanks

  43. The 3008 is one of the best handling SUV around, definitely better than an Ateca, journalists needs to stop believing that firm suspension = good handling.

  44. Really reviewer? You think that 3008 is noisy compared to Ateca/Karoq? Omg. Ok everybody knows that this is a VAG fan channel but for god sake keep a low profile….

  45. Honest review. well done 👍

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