2022 NFL WEEK 15 REVIEW 2022

December 22, 2022
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  2. I love researching random shit such as the Zay Jones hotel room incident whenever he adds those parts in. Completely forgot about that one

  3. I would stay for puppy time more if the music was better

  4. How does someone send pictures in for puppy time?

  5. Jokes on you barry i came for puppy time

  6. How do I get my dog in puppy time

  7. you really are a fucking hero who loves his fan fr

  8. Brock Purdy already has 6 TDS more then any other rookie and 3 30+ yard TD passes compared to 1 30+ yard TD from Jimmy G in his career in SF.. If Purdy keeps throwing 2 or more TDS per game he will win ROTY.

  9. "I miss Jimmy 🙁 "

    Someone give Barry a hug.

  10. damn u been blowing up i can see u with 500 k soon

  11. My wife’s boyfriend makes us watch these videos for the football highlights, I’m just glad there’s Puppy Time™️ at the end. Thanks for making content for every audience, Barry!

  12. Studies show that Puppy Time increases human happiness by over 300%. Bet you’ll remember that next time you think of clicking off

  13. Reply
    Skolney the Vikings guy December 22, 2022 at 3:23 am

    I died of marijuana while watching this video.

  14. New thumbnail style, nice

  15. I see Houston decided to finally play football towards the end of the season

  16. Zach played good people don’t wanna admit it tho cuz the mike white hype is at an all time higg

  17. Dolphins should have won that game against Buffalo (and I'm not a fan of either team). Before the NFL decided to delay the game, every time Miami got near the endzone, fans started pelting the players (especially receivers in the endzone), with icy snowballs

  18. Reply
    I Fired Max Because He’s Blacker Than Me December 22, 2022 at 3:23 am

    I died 3 times while watching this video smoking marijuana. Don’t be like me.

  19. Listen here Barry you asshole I watch every single puppy time and greet all the good boys and girls, and I don’t appreciate these libelous accusations in front of them. I have certifiably been on Santa’s nice list, and not just because I saw my ever so considerate wife give him a handy last year because it’s a Christmas for him too dammit

  20. I actually stayed for puppy time this time

  21. Is it just me or has the NFL become unwatchable

  22. Will we ever get kitty time?

  23. I can’t believe you felt the need to plug Puppy Time. It’s honestly the real highlight of your show. Well, except for you stinging wit. God bless you, Barry. ❤

  24. Did I see a blaze it joke at 12:27 Barry? I thought I knew you! I am currently pissing, shitting, and vomiting right now at a marijuana endorsement by a fellow marijuana hater.

  25. I'm sorry to tell you this but the NFL is scripted like the WWE. There even both listed as sports entertainment snd past players have come out and confirmed this. It's even more obvious when you look at some of the tackles and stupid play calls that even the average fan wouldn't ever call… please wake up from the distraction snd make your channel about something else or just be honest and tell everyone the league's fake.

  26. rare barry L saying kayvon thibodeaux is overrated. otherwise w vid

  27. Can't wait for the Eagles to shit the bed in the playoffs, so i can come back to your channel laugh in your face Barry Bitch Boy! GO G-MEN!

  28. I watched puppy time

  29. Dakota Fanning! 😂😂😂

  30. Barry, please get Jimmy G to do an awareness campaign with you for the devils lettuce overdose deaths. His handsome-ness would distract everyone so that no one would ever dare touch it again.

  31. Reply
    Metro boomin Make it boom December 22, 2022 at 3:23 am

    I’m very proud of Zach Wilson as a chiefs fan, and the Texans game wasn’t mahomes fault because he actually played good it was just the defense that was selling

  32. I’m not gonna lie but this Texans team can go somewhere next year, that is if they dont make bad decisions

  33. Just ordered 2 large shirts, Barry. Thanks for the gift kdea

  34. As a patriots fan, that last play of that game will haunt me forever.

  35. As a Colts fan, I quite honestly completely expected this shit to happen as soon as I saw it was 36-14. At least we get a good draft pick

  36. 13-1 Baby!!!🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

  37. Puppy time…the only thing that keeps my mind off of the crippling marijuana overdoses in our society.

  38. You were really talking to me and the end. I stayed this time.. wasnt too bad.

  39. 8:45 Barry that France national team joke was too soon man.

  40. Belicheck trying to become the next gangas Kahn… no offense to city wok

  41. BLAZE IT🔥🥬💨

  42. Shamed into not skipping Puppy Time and I am a better person.

  43. Hey Barry, not sure if you will see this but I wanted to thank you anyway. I’ve also been dealing with a divorce and rediscovering my love of football. I watch your videos every week to catch up on games and your witty quips and hilarious insults make my week just a little better every time 🙂

  44. What kind of American Psycho would skip Puppy Time. You are all horrible people and should feel ashamed of yourselves. I dont watch Puppy Time because I’m some kind of pussy who wants to feel better I do it because it’s fucking inspirationational and I’m a god damn hero. Anyway thanks again Barry

  45. Where do I submit my dog’s portrait for puppy time

  46. I was only watching this tonight because I wanted to hear the commentating on the Tampa game because you know, Brady played terribly!

  47. Long live Barry.

  48. Barry I stayed for puppy time. I really needed that, thank you.

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