2022/2023 Ford Ranger: Detailed walkaround review of the NEW Ranger! reviews

April 9, 2023

We’ve finally had the chance to check out the all-new 2022/2023 Ford Ranger in person! Paul Maric gives you a detailed walkaround review of the next generation Ford Ranger. What do you think about the design?

2022 Ford Ranger: Everything you need to know: https://www.carexpert.com.au/car-news/2022-ford-ranger-everything-you-need-to-know

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Intro: 00:00
Exterior (front/side): 00:29
Exterior (tray): 04:26
Interior: 05:29
Outro: 06:35

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  1. If only Ford could get their after-sales customer service right!

  2. How much

  3. Awesomeness

  4. Imagine a ute not being able to have an alloy tray fitted. Mmm not exactly practical

  5. Paul I love this new Ranger..
    But the only thing I am slightly disappointed in is that on the V6 engine the Alternator is on the bottom, so if you go through a river there is a chance you will get muddy water through it . But what do you think 🤔😃👍

  6. nice

  7. If your budget was 70k would you go for the XLT V6 or the Sport Bi Turbo ?

  8. Reply
    Crazy Drivers with Moondog!! April 9, 2023 at 3:27 am

    Is there anything Paul doesn't like about this car I mean anything?

  9. Absolutely beautiful truck .

  10. Clean your lens bro

  11. 🇵🇬 would love this edition.

  12. Ugly looks like the maverick

  13. Finally, the ranger started to look like the F150+ truck. Also, it is either the ranger is getting lower or this guy is really tall. Anyway, another great design from Ford–good job!

  14. I ride my dirt bike in the bush every week. I see a lot of Jeeps and Toyota 200's. I have never seen a Ford Ranger. I estimate that zero percent of Ford Rangers get into the bush other than gravel roads which a Toyota Corolla could drive on. You should just test them on the tarred road.

  15. Needs a 6ft bed option for the Supercrew

  16. going today to pick up mine. I loved your review. It gave me everything I needed to know.

  17. Would it be reliable?

  18. What’s concerning is the 10 speed gearbox.. the last time I drove a 10 speed ranger it was an absolute mess. Will be very disappointed if it’s the same.

  19. So sad no manual transmission….

  20. If the US ranger looks more like the maverick then I'm out sorry ford.

  21. Hi paul, do this new wildtrack come with hud? Thanks

  22. is this a wildtrak?

  23. How long before you get your hands on a real ute in the flesh?
    Maybe get on a plane to Thailand because I have seen videos of them there.
    We need a real review!

  24. Can't wait until we get this in the US! After almost 20 years with my current F-150, I'm ready for a new truck.

  25. Very nice! Is this truck out currently to buy?

  26. I was going for the navara but with this new range am reconsidering

  27. I love it, such a great looking vehicle. Hope to buy it, before we are forced to drive stupid little battery vehicles!

  28. I will get the Tremor or the Raptor most likely. I don't like the brake light on the tail gate though. The tailgate is down when I have my motorcycle in the bed. So the light won't be visible.

  29. Woww

  30. Awesome 4×4 system, it’s a shame people didn’t realise it’s potential in old Pajero or triton had it for years.

  31. The amount of orders for ranger raptors.
    The dealer I was talking to has as many raptor orders as the v6 diesel in xlt, wild track , really highlights people really don’t care about diesel,

  32. Wow awesome

  33. How come you never show the inside of the back seat???

  34. Reply
    สาวยู้ บ้านนา channel April 9, 2023 at 3:27 am


  35. Can you talk about the taillights? Is it full led

  36. Reply
    Mohammad Alhdrami April 9, 2023 at 3:27 am

    ihave ranger made in South Africa bad very bad may ranger 2022 it has so much prblem fackin car

  37. I wonder if Ford could succeed in getting the thing trustworthy. They couldn't get it right with the previous ranger, so hopefully VW showed them how to get it reasonably correct.

  38. Reply
    Leatherkid🇨🇦 April 9, 2023 at 3:27 am

    I thought Ford left OZ 🤔 and so did GM

  39. Nice I want one.

  40. Starts at 25K but I'm sure you could surpass 40K easily if you actually want any real add on's

  41. Damn i just got a 2021 ranger, I should of waited, this looks so nice

  42. How's is the rear legroom in this car? Is it good enough for 3 adults ?

  43. Just seem your ending. Great Buddy

  44. Great one but could you also do a test drive aswell and more on the interior.

  45. An amazing Truck

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