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April 11, 2023

The Tata Safari name has divided opinion but what is the new Harrier-based three row SUV like as a product? Nikhil Bhatia has the details.

Camerapersons: Shreyans Chordia, Pradeep Bhondave
Editor: Mohit Sharma

0:00 – Introduction
0:57 – Tata Safari 2021 dimensions and styling
2:04 – Tata Safari 2021 interior
3:31 – Tata Safari 2021 6 seater middle row
4:57 – Tata Safari 2021 third row
6:04 – Tata Safari 2021 boot
6:25 – Tata Safari 2021 7 seater
7:37 – Tata Safari 2021 features and safety
8:05 – Tata Safari 2021 engines
8:16 – Tata Safari 2021 manual
8:30 – Tata Safari 2021 automatic
9:37 – Tata Safari 2021 braking performance
10:07 – Tata Safari 2021 handling
10:30 – Tata Safari 2021 ride
11:10 – Tata Safari 2021 off-road
11:47 – Tata Safari 2021 price expectation and verdict

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  1. This is land rover discovery

  2. Reply
    Nimbark Hirenkumar April 11, 2023 at 3:41 pm

    Fiat engine

  3. Love the Safari but:
    No smoother petrol engine but only diesel motor which will easily make you feel tired on long drives.
    Also, hard to drive in city due to BS 6 emission norms.
    The hydraulic power steering is difficult to drive in cities and also on long drives.
    Laggy music system and poor camera quality.
    And the worst part is , pathetic after sales of Tata.

  4. They turned Safari from a real SUV to this crappy soccer mom vehicle. At least they could have continued the production of the ladder chassis equipped Safari Storme Varicor 4×4. This damn thing isn't an off roading SUV, it's a crossover made for paved roads.

  5. one more video on TATA safari pl. i booked it.

  6. This tata safari design looks funny especially the back side.
    I didn't like the design

  7. We are awaiting the ELECTRIC version of the SAFARI with ADAS, 4WD, a length long enough for a comfortable 3rd row and an ample luggage space and the sunroof as usual

  8. Hi, I got my tata safari dark edition xz+ plus few days back.

    I have a question, once the gear is engaged and the clutch is released, halfway down, the engine revvs a bit and the revving stops once the clutch is completely released. Can anyone else confirm if this is expected behaviour

  9. Made for flat tarred roads only

  10. Hate that 8 inch screen 😐

  11. super

  12. Well Done TATA…

    – a proud owner of TATA Sky.

  13. It has lost the macho-ness

  14. Apart from 5 stars..TATA lacks on many aspects 1)vehicle is not dynamically stable,it topple in almost all accidents even altroz which is hatchback 2) gearbox vibration and cabin nvh is very bad  3) A pillars are very thick for safety aspects as a result more blind spot is created during turning (you may notice very high accidents in nexon and punch during turning)  4)fit and finish is not up to the mark..like panel gaps,rubber 5)service centres including service staffs are very bad 6)service network needs improvement 7)after 5-6 Years whole car parts starts vibrating so it's resale value is very bad, rattle king tata8)TATA engines especially 3 cylinder  petrol not at all reliable…even TATA ka loha rust alot.. 9)steering problem..10) tata manufacturing line process capability is very low..so many manufacturing defects..its totally depend on customer luck..what thy will get…I have seen many people selling their nexon and buying xuv300,ecosport and Brezza  baaki bachaa tatta harrier or altroz ke 2 tukde ho Gaye hai..tank hai tank hai bolne walo ko apma aukat Pata chal gaya,tukde tukde pade the raho par…lag raha hai tata ke loha mei milawat ho raha hai..ab to customer ne pareshan hoke apne  tata safari ko he aag laga di 😭🤣 or lo tatta

  15. 3rd row space very low I think is more space to better passianger

  16. New safari is 🔥

  17. Six by six cars matters for national geography properly designed.

  18. Four by Four cars matters.

  19. Cheap copy shape of fortuner , yes u did destroyed the sprit n class of safari , 😆

  20. Wow perfect car

  21. Ye koi car nhi hai…

    Ye ek 💪TANK hai

  22. My 2010 Safari dicor is not very modern, but will chose that over this, it's just harrier pro max

  23. The front is same like harrier

  24. Waiting for Safari Awd and Power steering ⚘

  25. how many airbags are there in this car

  26. Safari vs xuv700

  27. My Dream car

  28. Reply
    dashcamitaly95 gugu95 April 11, 2023 at 3:41 pm

    Will it come to Italy?

  29. I love XUV700. Great thing is that the one who designed this 2021 TATA SAFARI, Harrier has designed XUV700. Guess who is it? So he is Mr. Pratap Bose who has done great design to these cars. Which means XUV700 is a cousin brother of Tata Safari 2021. Anyways I LOVe XUV700. Safari is much overrated even when it has less features than XUV700. XUV700 also is value for money for all INDIANS.

  30. Reply
    HARSHVARDHAN20 JOG April 11, 2023 at 3:41 pm

    Tata Rocks , there is no doubt about it , but I would like to say about electric parking brake , the place for such brake should be at the driver's side dashboard as there are dangers that any small child can accidentally press the button which can cause a big trouble. So I believe that such electric parking brake should be installed at such side which can be accessed only by driver.

  31. If TATA's service center presence is similar to Maruti, they'd be the greatest.

  32. What is the average?

  33. Very good and informative review.

  34. The Tata Safari is the best in class vehicle but the old Tata Safari's main feature was its high suspension and AWD option. We want the new Tata Safari to come with high suspension and the Legendary rare AWD. Tata if you are reading this comment please do the add the options as frequent as possible🙏🙏😓😓

  35. Pls tell price

  36. Its nice.

  37. it would have been better if the safari was distinguishable from the harrier. Safari as a product and a brand has a brilliant recall value as the beast that has a signature rugged power punch along with the urban suaveness that a city car can command. this really looks like an elder cousin of the harrier. all in all as a car, good.. as a safari, probably Tata needs to work on this….

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