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U.S. minted coins you wanted we have it. We even silver dollars that are sold at a valuable price. Our selection is big but limited to quantity so hurry before our money is spent.
Collectible custom chocolate coins should always be held by their edges between your thumb and forefinger. us coins this will protect the surfaces and design elements of the gold coins us from the natural salts, acids and oils in fingers coins or palms which can be corrosive to coins over time. in fact, many experienced collectors prefer to use minted soft cotton gloves when handling their coins. holding your coin over a soft surface, such as a clean, dry towel is also a good idea. the soft surface is less likely to damage a dropped custom order chocolate coins coin than a hard table or desktop. cleaning is not recommended. cleaning can permanently damage a coin''s surface, thereby reducing and possibly totally destroying its numismatic value. an expert can easily spot a cleaned coin and will usually stay clear of it.

here''s how you can receive free coins and collecting supplies from our company. as a special thank you from us, with every purchase you make, you''ll receive our exclusive profit shares redeemable for free merchandise. this past year alone, our customers received over half a million dollars worth of coins and supplies for free! profit shares are a great way to help stretch your collecting budget, and it''s fun to decide what coins to get with them. shop from the comfort and privacy of your home with our color catalogs and other special mailings we send you throughout the year. from all-time minted customer favorites to one-of-a-kind rarities, you can find just what you need for your collection.

the method of manufacturing. proof coins are specially custom order chocolate coins made for collectors, distinguished by sharpness of detail, usually a mirror like surface and frosted design elements. uncirculated coins are those coins produced for general use but not yet put into circulation. they show no signs of wear, however, they may show "bag marks" or contact marks and may lack some luster. in the near date, the coin''s date appears closer to the rim coins when compared to the far date or normal variety. this difference was created when the obverse design''s border was made wider, making the date appear closer to the rim minted.

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