16 HOUR flight! Saudia Airlines Business Class Review 2022

January 28, 2023

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Remember what it was like to travel? We have nearly forgotten what planes looked like. During quarantine we’ve been able to catch up on some older footage. This trip from Jeddah Saudi Arabia, KSA, to LAX took place last year. In this Saudia business class review we show you how spacious the business class and first class suits are.

Thanks for watching! 👍You guys rock 🙂 – Scott & Collette

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  1. Alcohol not allowed … not for me…

  2. Duuude ,, LIKE 👍

  3. You lost me at dry airline. If I'm doing 16 hours and am splurging for business class, I expect to be able to drink.

    Thanks for mentioning this.

  4. Sorry, but given the Saudis' numerous human rights violations, this is one airline I will never patronise. The lack of alcohol is also hypocritical considering what goes on behind closed doors.

  5. I have tried it also I flew 16 hours in it or more but I can tell you my review it is an 8/10

  6. I have tried it also I flew 16 hours in it or more but I can tell you my review it is an 8/10

  7. Quick question please, can guys wear shorts in their Business Class lounges (LAX, Jeddah, BKK), OR do we have to change into long pants while in the business class lounges? Please advise and thanks.

  8. I’ve flown Saudia several times and I haven’t had major issues TBH. Obviously there are better airlines but Saudia is an airline I would definitely choose for certain destinations.

  9. Love the fact your reviews aren’t 30min long. Just the facts. Also…unbelievable use of the scene from Animal House! 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Only thing I disagree with is giving a “con” rating to the IFE for “censorship” since that is the custom of the country. Sure it kinda sucks but that’s something that should be known going in. Great video otherwise. You got a new subscriber for sure.

  10. I hate people acting like alcoholics they can’t travel without 🥃 believe me you don’t want the person next to you drunk 🥴

  11. Thanks for the review. Considering for a travel option that is half the price of the ticket on Qatar. So based on the review it looks like I should be able to manage 18 hours without alcohol for savings of USD 3000.

  12. Reply
    Faij Official Channel January 28, 2023 at 6:35 am


  13. The plane model must be mentioned

  14. The way she said, 'the abayas came off'. 😁

  15. Saudi airway is better than all The US airways and thanks guys for your reporting about Saudi airways.

  16. one of the best airline !!! Saudia Air !!!

  17. super rvw, like the way of positive attitude that u guys reported, pls cover any american airlines if ok for you guys..

  18. Alcohol is under halal

  19. Great video short and informative, welcome to my country Saudia Arabia anytime it’s an honor

  20. New subscriber 💞 l really love this type of videos nd i made also ✈️ best wishes brother FOR future 😍

  21. for your information now foreign women don't need to wear abaya anymore

  22. Such a great video. Thanks

  23. Thank you for this great review. It's entertaining and very helpful.

  24. Modesty and covering the head is not exclusive to Islam. This tradition of modesty was and is being practiced by Christian women (nuns) and many Jewish women. The illustration of Mary is always with head cover, and is a sign of her purity and holiness. Nuns cover their heads as a symbol of modesty and submission to their God. Orthodox married Jewish women usually cover their heads (tallit) following their faith.

  25. what's the aircraft number or model? something like SV(numbers)? do you still remember?

  26. Reply
    alex turner’s lymph node January 28, 2023 at 6:35 am

    3:39 just a clarification, for non Muslim foreigners a abaya is sufficient. You don’t need to wear a abaya but it’s recommended. You don’t need to wear a hijab.

  27. Worst airline.

  28. Who could believe that Saudi Arabia will change and be a beautiful country .Really this young prince change his country and make it develop Saudi citizen must be proud of him .

  29. Great review of an airline you don’t see mentioned much on YouTube. Looks like a lovely business class – 16 hours on a flight is nuts – I wouldn’t want to do that in economy!

  30. Scott is so cute…!

  31. I dnt understand y ppl need alcohol on mid air? Islam airline & Halal..Allhamdulillah

  32. going dry pretty good as going drunk in mid-air makes you crazy!!

  33. 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  34. thanks for coming to philippines. hope you will visit again. place watch this video. im sure you never see and visit this place.. and this is cebu philippines. https://youtu.be/zK14Fv_vZ8Y

  35. Go look up travel playlist part 1,2,3,4, and 5, travel playlists should pop up. Roamaroo is included in the playlists. Part 6 should be coming out soon. 😀

  36. Reply
    Florida Travel Video Footage January 28, 2023 at 6:35 am

    Wow Thanks for shearing the experience up there in BUSINESS. Not bad at all.

  37. How are you guys not getting more views with that amount of subscribers

  38. 🤣🤣🤣 you guys are hilarious!

  39. schönes Video, lustig gemacht, da möchte ich gleich selber fliegen.

  40. I’m from Saudi Arabia and interested in aviation and this video recommended to me
    Great review because I want this exact direct flight to LA
    Does the seat go completely flat or sort of?
    And what plane is this?

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