12 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid in Harvestella – Tips & Tricks reviews

November 9, 2022

Hi! In this video, I share with you 12 beginner mistakes you should avoid in Harvestella!

00:00 Introduction
00:19 Kitchen
01:11 Field
02:04 Seasonal crops
02:53 What to sell/keep
04:37 Juice
05:42 Animal feed
06:51 Items to bring along
07:45 Eating before bed
08:31 Foraging
09:10 Conellu Dolls
10:05 Different stores
10:52 Job Points
11:40 Conclusion

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  1. Josh can you make a guide on all the repair locations. I'm stuck at 38/39 and can't seem to find the last one

  2. I feel like I made so many mistakes after watching this and I kinda want to start over…

  3. I'd also say to get through the first two chapters quickly. Then in chapter 3 go to Nemea first. Many seeds you can buy there only grow in spring. The crops you can get from these seeds are also needed for the food delivery quests. Otherwise you'd have to wait a whole year.

  4. Playing this game I think a lot of it is self explanatory and intuitive to figure out. One thing I haven't paid attention to is my character being hungry, I literally only feed them to fill health bar and for buffs, stomach is alway empty lol. Not noticed that it had any real effect on anything tbh.

  5. Mistake no. 1 Buy the game

  6. Reply
    Evil_ Yellow_Ranger November 9, 2022 at 8:31 pm

    "No matter how much you eat the night before when you wake up you will be starving."

    Well at least the game is realistic

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOO I FORGOT ABOUT QUIETUS! I just planted 10-15 tomatoes in late spring. I will never financially recover from this.

  8. Beginner mistake #1. Buying this game.

  9. A lot make the mistake of rushing through when suppose to take your time. Do a little farming, explore and forage return and do some more next day. Not suppose to eat late at night anyways as can cause nightmares. The demo was too short to do everything. I heard the tree saplings are only thing unaffected by quietus. Thanks for useful tips.

  10. Me halfway through summer never fishing and still no kitchen repaired : (((((

  11. The spring town has carrots for 95…

  12. Thanks so much for the tips. I started playing yesterday and enjoying it a lot so far. I’m really glad I bought it despite the mixed reviews

  13. So I wasn't wrong with my initial gut feeling of getting the kitchen up as soon as possible. Im on the 9th day and im like 200 griell away from getting it!

  14. Also how do you change classes? I can only use the first 2 because I can’t figure out how to switch between all of them.

  15. Thank you for the tips!
    Except the Tip with the different crop-prices in different towns. Luckily I was able to figure out every Tip/Trick myself pretty early in the game (still in 20. Day of Spring)

  16. My tree didn’t die which was awesome. Where’s the old well on your farm?

  17. I find that that you can actually pass out inside your house with no negatives. I still woke up at 6 and kept my money. So I cooked and crafted pass the point whenever I needed to.

  18. Instead of vegetables, one can also put Cool Berries in the fermenter, getting berry juice. It restores almost as much HP as the vegetable one, and the berries are just free to pick up.

  19. Man, the doctor fee…. yeah best not to make collapsing a habit because she likes to add on to her fees. At the moment I'm paying 1k+ every time I pass out from either battle or I didn't get inside the house in time. The only thing I can say for that is that it at least gives a warning if you're about to pass out. Like the screen starts to get shrouded in darkness, you don't even have to make it to the bed, as long as you made it inside your house it doesn't count as collapsing. I had a fun run where I barely made it, I used the bell, it teleported me and I passed out as soon as I got there. Can't get charged if the doctor don't know~ it doesn’t even matter if you don't have enough, she'll take every cent you got on you…
    And I had a bit of a learning curve with the drinks mechanic, and I ended up going against a big boss with no stamina and a handful of drinks, I then learned that your allies won't attack if you don't, but if you keep pressing the attack button they'll attack even if you can't. Ended up becoming a starving healer for my party against a boss.

  20. I have to know, do trees die during quietus??? It says it bears fruit in fall but grows in any season?? Does quietus kill them I'm so scared to try

  21. The juice tip was very much appreciated I'd been neglecting making any cause of the no stamina.

  22. Thanks for the tips. Currently waiting on my copy to ship to my house so I've been trying to avoid spoilers but I will certainly take tips!
    Honestly your note wbout the job points is something I always struggle to remember in games with combat haha. Got through the first couple of chapters in ffx without touching the skills and wow what a difference once I did. Thanks for all your hard work as always!

  23. Hey Josh!
    Thanks for the tips! Some already knew from your demo video and others like the screen shots I'm beginning to use them.

  24. Regarding feed, high quality ingredients make more than their regular variety. Also, In addition to grass you can use the leaves you find to make woolum feed

  25. Bought this game and loving it so far does anyone know if there's a sort of system that has infinite or repeatable quests or something like the board system in rf5 i always loved that in games though game is still enjoyable nonetheless

  26. I'm in season 2, so far 5 of each crop has been plenty for me since I get by just fine in fights with the juices and the recipe that only requires wild ingredients.
    The onions are the best crop to sell early game, you'll make a lot that way. That's how I was able to afford everything lmao.

  27. 😇thanks for the tip, great timing as I'm about to play this game later

  28. I really wanted to play this… but the character customisation sucks.

  29. Reply
    Realms of Pixelation November 9, 2022 at 8:31 pm

    I'd say the biggest mistake you could make with this game is buying it honestly.

  30. I love your content! I am so glad you are playing this game.

  31. Gosh I'm not as far as you so I'm really glad I watched this! I thought I was being dumb buying the kitchen so early but I'm really glad I did it. XD time to upgrade my farm next 👍🏼 thanks for all the useful tips Josh!

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